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When searching, always remember this very important rule here:
      All posts must have a MEANINGFUL SUBJECT.
      The content of the post should be clear from the subject.

So, if you are searching for info about a company or related to a company, the posts that you are looking for will have the company name in the subject.
Only Search For the COMPANY NAME in Subject Only and you will quickly find what you are looking for.

The search form will time out. There are way too many posts here to search all of them like that.

Search using the least possible words. For example: Do not search on "Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Program"
The subject of the thread could be any variation on that. Even the word "Kellogg's" might be posted as "Kelloggs." Just searching on "Kellogg" would find both variations.
If you were generally searching for info about being "Deactivated," you would get the best results searching for "Deactiv" which would get results of all topics with the words "Deactivated" as well as "Deactivation" or "Deactivate."

If a name could either be with or without a space, search with the space. "pay pal" will find all topics about "Pay Pal" and "PayPal."

As always, if you need help, e-mail the administration.

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