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 Mystery Shopping
 Mystery Shopping Article in Wall Street Journal 6/9/03
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Mia Ventura

Richmond, VA
52 Posts

Posted - 06/11/2003 :  07:57:33 AM
I think this is a crock, one of the most misleading articles on MS'ing I have ever read. I have been shopping for four years, three years full time, and I have never been offered airfare to Hawaii to for a golf shop. It's right in line with all those emails that used to come that said I spend my day shopping for new clothes, go to lunch at a fabulous restaurant, then shop for Jewelry I get to keep type of thing.
No one who has been shopping for a year is getting the good assignments, and I highly doubt she is making as much as she claims, even though I know there is some shoppers that do, even with the travel reimbursement for Merchandising.
She is a disgrace to real shoppers, she is going to flood the market with newbies who think its all fun and games with great rewards for little or no effort.
The only thing good that will come out of this is we will all see an increase in emergency shops with bonus in the next couple of months due to all the newbies who will flake when they see it's a lot harder the it looks.

Mia ~
MSPA Silver Certified #i53pdm ~
Shopping Richmond, Midlothian, Chester, Glen Allen and Colonial Heights.
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Ray Sola
Volition.com Staff

Prescott, AZ
3100 Posts

Posted - 06/11/2003 :  09:02:33 AM
Just got a note from the author who said:

HI Ray. Thanks for the note...indeed, i have been directing all inquiries (and there have been many) to MSPA site. Thanks!


PS: I hear a very popular national magazine is working on a MS article.
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Star Contributor

Tampa, FL
1352 Posts

Posted - 06/11/2003 :  09:19:47 AM
Since her cats are named Contintal and Northwest, this woman has a few frequent flyer miles to her name. Arlene-look out she is headed YOUR way! After less than a year in the business, I doubt she is getting airline shops, lol. She is a single woman who likes to travel. I get offered shops all over the Carribean...but yet to get one including my transportation expense.
My guess is this was written by one of those famous reporters who make up as much as they actually report! According to this article the woman began shopping less than a year ago. Hmmm now she is looking to start giving speeches and seminars...write a book... set up a web site?
There is very much left unsaid..including how much of that "income" is reimbursement? She did not exactly get glowing reports from either of the MS companies mentioned. Both are great little companies, but I seriously doubt she is making the kind of income she has been quoted from either of them. They sounded as if they had NO idea who she ... why would they? Very ambiguous statement.
Putting in the kind of hours she is, well I would hope in New York she IS making $7000.00 per month. 17-20 hour days??? Sure doesn't sound "free" to me! Or glamorous...or even something I would want to do! While I know it CAN be done, I sure would not do it he way this one is. I HAVE a life. Although if the numbers are correct, and she IS making $7000 per month working the hours she is, $20.00 per hour is pretty accurate-But for New York-not all that impressive!!!
As usual, when there is not much going on in the world, these articles appear, newbies show up, and then the reality sets in. Silly, silly stuff.
LOL to Mia-look for the bonuses guys!
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Star Contributor

Lawai, HI
676 Posts

Posted - 06/11/2003 :  12:26:44 PM
Look out Illinois. I just saw a post for 3 golf shops - Jennifer may be coming your way LOL
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Valued Contributor

Rochester, NY
231 Posts

Posted - 06/11/2003 :  5:45:02 PM
Ok, who wants to write a Letter To The WSJ Editor telling them what MS'ing is REALLY like....

MSPA Silver Certified
Happily Shopping Rochester, NY
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New York City, NY
1700 Posts

Posted - 06/11/2003 :  6:39:14 PM
I thought I might extend my insight on this issue, since I have had time to think a little more about the issue. I shop the same territory that Jenn shops. I started about 13 years ago, at the time it was presented to me as "discreet restaurant critiques" in NYC. There are schedulers in NYC that are "unique", to say the least. There are many independent assignments for business owners who want to shop their competition to make sure they arent "missing anything". It can be quite lucritive. I have been approached with some wacky and one of a kind "requests". I could write a book, but I wouldnt. Jenn is a "Wall Street Kid" and the WSJ did the article. It reads like a made for TV movie. Now Jenn is wanting to go back to Wall Street, or conduct living large or free or whatever "seminars". On the radio,she said "shoppers should never pay to shop" so I guess that her books and seminars will be free.
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Valued Contributor

Los Angeles, CA
147 Posts

Posted - 07/28/2003 :  2:07:52 PM  Send PamelaS an AOL message
Originally posted by Meadows

The article makes it sound like mystery shopping is a breeze and jobs just come falling into your lap.

There are jobs that will fall into your lap, but have that 10-foot pole handy to shove them away!

Shopping Los Angeles and Orange Counties. MSPA Gold Certification: 3qangd
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