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 The shop was closed. Now what?
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Lawrence, Kansas
8 Posts

Posted - 06/21/2003 :  10:30:57 AM
I'm starting to feel doomed in the MS arena.

I had a retail shop scheduled for my second shop. Instructions were to shop 6/20 or 6/21. I wasn't able to go 6/20, so my plan was to do the shop today. My instructions were to call first. I called three times this morning and never got an answer. So, I went ahead and drove to the business. It was closed today due to a funeral! I called and left a message for the scheduler, so I'm hoping that is OK. I'm not giving up yet, but it sure seems like a crazy start.


Star Contributor

Lawai, HI
676 Posts

Posted - 06/21/2003 :  10:35:24 AM
You did the right thing by communicating with your scheduler. You may not hear back until Monday so relax and have a good weekend.

Don't consider that you failed because the location was closed. These things happen in the real world. I was sent recently to do a retail shop and the location was out of business. I reported what I saw at the site, what the signs said and I received full compensation.
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Star Contributor

Tampa, FL
1352 Posts

Posted - 06/21/2003 :  10:39:01 AM
WOW! You are having a run aren't you! LOL
This is considered a circumstance beyond your control. You should go ahead and report it as it happened. They may ask for a reshop, they may pay you for the info, they may not. When a company requests that you call first to verify hours of operation, it is generally to keep down the number of reshops. But these circumstances do not fall under the category of common or usual business practices, so in my humble (and totally worth nada) opinion you should be paid for the attempt. In any case, it certainly should not affect your shopper rating in any way. You followed the instructions and tried to shop with in the guidelines. You went the extra mile by trying to complete the shop. Occasionally a phone number provided is incorrect and you followed the law of common sense to make the attempt. They should be made aware of the store being closed in any case, regardless of the circumstances.
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Star Contributor

Dallas, TX
283 Posts

Posted - 06/21/2003 :  12:02:01 PM
Yep - you definitely did the right thing by communicating to the scheduler. Same thing just happened to me (not a funeral though - they had no posted hours and closed "whenever"). The company told me to write it up as it happened and they would most definitely use it. I'm still awaiting my grade on it. I'll see how this pans out, but they did say they would pay for the shop and the small reimbursement that I had into it. It really will get better. My first few shops were apartment shops and I honestly have only had one shop after that required more on a report than those apartment shops. I do about 100 shops per month and I never thought I would do that many. I was able to leave a part-time job that had me up at 3 am because MS'ing has been "very, very good to me". Hang in there!!

MSPA Gold Certified
Shopping the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
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Star Contributor

Tampa Bay Area, FL
343 Posts

Posted - 06/21/2003 :  1:49:41 PM
Well, Carol, as the other posters have stated, you did nothing wrong and you should be fine here. Your scheduler should let you know if he/she would like you to try again, or if you should write it up as it happened or forget it or whatever.

On a related note, what I find most frustrating is when I am provided with an inaccurate physical address and an incorrect telephone number (or none). Without being able to confirm location details via telephone (or it was not suggested or required), I have occasionally driven to provided addresses only to discover that the store/business is not located anywhere in the vicinity! There was one such address that a particular company assigned to me three different times (subsequent assignments at least one month between each one), even though I submitted my first and second reports with the information that there was no such store/business located at the provided address, and included detailed information about what I found there and the surrounding area. By the way, if the store did exist at the address provided to me, it would have been in the middle and at the bottom of the Intracoastal Waterway! (I think it was intracoastal, not intercoastal there. Sorry, I digress.) Oooops, maybe I was supposed to get out my snorkeling gear and dive in to verify??? Gee, I don’t recall seeing that in my training documents or assignment instructions …

Hang in there!
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Valued Contributor

Baltimore, MD
101 Posts

Posted - 06/21/2003 :  2:20:31 PM
I've had this happen a few times- and in all cases, the mystery shopping company has paid me half, if not all, of the fee since this situation was beyond my control. Good luck!
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89 Posts

Posted - 06/21/2003 :  2:31:01 PM
Hats off to you for NOT giving up! You're right, your introduction into the MS World has been crazy, but sounds to me as if you've got the 'stuff' good MSers are made of...PERSISTANCE! And I'm with everyone else in saying that you did all you possibly could do in regards to your assignment. Here's hoping that your next MS ventures are smooth and less stressful!
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Bedford, VA
14 Posts

Posted - 06/21/2003 :  5:25:09 PM  Send KandaceVA an AOL message
Things like this happen in this industry. I am certain your scheduler will understand. The best thing you could have done is contact your scheduler. You are having a rough start, but I promise, things will get better. Just hang in there! Everyone in this industry has had their share of rough times.

Kandace Raymond
Silver Certified
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