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 Mystery Shopping
 Company changed shop specs because of cheating!
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Wheatfield, IN
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Posted - 07/26/2003 :  07:11:11 AM
I believe the majority of people who read and respond on this forum, are "professional" shoppers and merchandisers. But I think when a company finds problems with cheaters, the cheaters are probably not professionals who earn their living by mystery shopping and merchandising. I believe the cheaters are people who read an ad "make money shopping" and think "gee, I love to shop so why not get paid to do it". It's not a job to them, but rather a hobby to reimburse their shopping. That's not necessarily bad, if the person is honest and believes anything they do, they will do right. But there are a lot of people out there who spend more time thinking up ways to get paid without doing anything, than the amount of time it would take to just do the job right. Unfortunately, there is a whole lot of that in every aspect of our society. I used to schedule demos and found a couple of my demonstrators would go to the store and do the inventory, get a signature and leave without doing the demo, but turn in 6-8 hours for the demo. I discovered this through the random follow up calls to managers about the demos. I found it hard to believe someone would drive to a location and do the inventory and get a signature, and then leave without completing the job they were assigned. But that is because I wouldn't dream of doing that. And I believe that the people who participate in this forum wouldn't either. Because WE ARE ALL PROFESSIONALS, and as such, we take our "jobs" seriously.

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Pensacola, FL
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Posted - 07/26/2003 :  09:01:49 AM
As to why anyone would want to cheat: Hopefully, my fellow teachers will back me up on this. I teach in a high school, and cheating in any way shape or form is the norm, not the exception. It's not just the kids with learning difficulties; many gifted students cheat as well. These are cheating young adults, who in a couple of years will be cheating adults. Our society is nurturing an "as long as you don't get caught" attitude, it is okay to be dishonest. Something for nothing, if you can get it.

But almost always, in my experience, the apple does not fall far from the tree. As one poster stated, honesty (or dishonesty) begins at home. This is something that WE can not change. There are cheaters in every industry: from mystery shopping (at $10/hour) to professional baseball players (at $100,000/hour). Circumstances are not the issue, some people are simply cheaters by nature. JMHO

Shopping Pensacola, FL and surrounding areas
MSPA Silver Certified
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415 Posts

Posted - 07/26/2003 :  09:30:26 AM
Originally posted by JasonTX

But almost always, in my experience, the apple does not fall far from the tree.
Amen to that! I am burnt out on teaching for numerous reasons, but "the tree" put me over the top. When I called one mom to tell her that her daughter had plagiarized a paper off the internet, she told me, "So what? It's your fault for giving such a hard assignment."

MSPA Gold Certified uwjrsy
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