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 Mystery Shopping
 Shops you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole?
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Charlottesville, VA
40 Posts

Posted - 10/02/2003 :  05:58:08 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I think I have one that most would agreee on. I would not do a funeral home shop. I was shocked when they had 2 available in my area. I told her it was not the money, I was not going to do it because I dont want to fake about a death and needing a casket. Just too creepy to me. I only want to go in there when the time is needed and not before.
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.Dawn DE

518 Posts

Posted - 10/02/2003 :  10:18:10 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I know this was discussed in another thread, but I have done funeral homes and would do one again. It is a pre-plan shop (you are helping dear Aunt Martha or a friend who is ill and needs info) and it was great pay for the time spent. Only one associate to speak to and an easy form (2 pages ....Woohoo!!!!!!!) The shop paid twice as much as other retail shops I have done for a lot less work. I just put on my shopper face, got my story straight, and let him try to sell me. It was actually very informative. I found it much easier than apartment shops for similar money.

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South Euclid, OH
21 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2003 :  7:39:55 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I've lost money on several shops when I was starting out. I thought companies would appreciate that you helped thm out of a bind and give you first crack at assignments, but it didn't work that way. I drove 130 miles round trip for $3.50 when I was starting out. Now I still do the cheapies, but only if I can get several in the same neighborhood.
I actualy like the reimbursement shops, because they don't have any income. I am disabled, and have to stay under a certain amount to not lose my disability, so the reimbursement ones are nice. The college students around here grab up the restaurants really fast because it gives them a way to eat out of the dorms for free.

Barb Bodzin
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Barbara N.CA
Star Contributor

San Francisco, CA
2397 Posts

Posted - 10/06/2003 :  10:23:35 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
1. Grocery store shops. I've never done one and don't plan to do any unless it's a straight out, reveal-from-the-start job.

2. Purchase and return shops with no reimbursement (i.e. fee only) that are disguised as one shop with an "optional" return -- where I would have to fill out another section of a report for the same pay AND I don't need the item. I don't mind taking these shops if I plan on keeping the items anyway and am satisfied with the fee. I also don't mind taking shops with reimbursements built into the shop fees -- as long as the total amounts are reasonable.

3. Shops associated with certain websites, schedulers, scheduling companies, editors, or MS companies -- for a variety of reasons. (They judge us. We judge them.)

4. Reveal shops that require me to reveal my identity even when the employee/business failed to win the reward. That's just too nasty and stressful for all concerned, in my opinion. (OTOH, I loved the few reveal shops I've done that resulted in rewards. The employees' expressions were priceless. I love catching someone doing something right.)

5. Shops that are not worth it (to me) financially -- unless they are for my favorite MS companies/schedulers -- especially for those who have been loyal/kind/extra-nice to me (e.g. SG Marketing and Kern) -- and those for a good cause (e.g. for companies/schedulers in a bind and I feel they deserve a break, i.e. Hilli Dunlap).

6. Shops for which I feel strongly I am incompetent or ill-fitted. I'd rather lose the earning opportunity rather than risk messing it up for everybody.

7. Shops that provide too few details, especially if I suspect the scheduler is hiding the ball. I've got some companies and schedulers on my Take-With-A-Whole-Spoonful-Of-Salt list because they too often lie/deceive about what their assignments require.

8. Shops that are in areas in which I don't feel safe. I know when I can take care of myself and when I can't. No job is worth my safety.

MSPA Gold Shopper since June, 2003.
MSPA 2005 "Go To" Shopper
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Hudson Valley, NY
9 Posts

Posted - 10/07/2003 :  08:45:47 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I wouldn't dream of completing the famous electronic store shop which requires two visits and only pays .5 per visit. (I think this converts into $3.75 per visit if you can believe it) I actually posed a question to this company the other day via the website and have not heard back from them.I basically asked them to clarify the payment fee, as I could not believe they would require you to spend 1/2 hour per visit in the shop for oly 3.75. Maybe if enough shoppers question this fee it would be raised...???One can only hope.

Shopping Hudson Valley area of NY, including Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Middletown, Nyack, Nanuet and more!!
Silver Certified
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Star Contributor

535 Posts

Posted - 10/09/2003 :  7:20:39 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Won't do: FF unless there is a nice bonus. Banks where I have to go to New accounts. Apartments. Cell phones, time shares, health clubs, anything else with a sales pitch. Pet store (no more pet). Haul around the sink shop. The anonymous sizing audit (oh my aching neck). The write down every appliance model number and its price audit. Any shop other than the grocery stores that involves chasing down 10 to 15 people. Boy I have gotten picky!
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Star Contributor

Middletown, PA
382 Posts

Posted - 10/09/2003 :  8:01:24 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I enjoy most of the shops I do, I even like the infamous pizza shops! I have only run across a few that I swear I will never do again...
1. The fish food shop. Too many details and too conspicuous in my small town store.
2. The kitchen sink shop and the bulky item shop.
3. Shops that are reimbursement only that don't involve a free meal(aka a night off from cooking).
4. Shops that require me to mutilate a perfectly good paperback book in order to be reimbursed.
5. WI/DT FF shops that do not have a nice bonus atached.
6. The sporting goods store where I swear the employees run the other way when they see a customer coming!Just try to tackle four of them in one trip...it took me over an hour to get four associates to interact with me!NEVER AGAIN!!

OTH, I love apartment shops, even the long forms don't bother me. I'd like to try a car dealership and maybe even a timeshare shop. Although, I used to sell "vacation ownership" back in college, so I'm not sure I want to be on the receiving end of the pitch. Some of those sales reps can be really harsh when you say NO!

MSPA Gold n4fxv4 -Shopping South-Central PA
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96 Posts

Posted - 10/09/2003 :  8:17:58 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
The bank shops are so easy and pay quickly. I can depend on at least $100-$300 per month just by completing bank shops.

The electronics/retail store with the 1/2 hour pay $3.50 is actually two shops now that pays a total of $7.00. Not great pay, but at least they improved on the $3.50 fee. If you self-assign one shop, they automatically assign another dept. to be completed during the same visit/same half hour.
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Valued Contributor

New Albany, IN
172 Posts

Posted - 10/12/2003 :  6:36:58 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I do not ever want to do a strip club shop again. I was the only lady in the place that was not doing a lap dance or taking off her clothes. All to see if they would take a certain credit card or not. I love doing open checks for movies, but do not like blind checks in small towns where I am the only one seeing the movie - LOL!!!
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Star Contributor

Deep in the heart of, TX
3770 Posts

Posted - 10/13/2003 :  12:58:30 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Audio shops where I have had to recreate my exact conversation with the associates, using quotes. I am a plug and play person, so discussing and understanding the finer technical points of car CD players (amps, wiring, installation, etc.) was nightmare enough. Then having to write an extensive narrative on it?!
Never again, unless I'm allowed to hold a microphone and video camera to the associate's mouth.

Also, I did a relatively easy grocery store that was no problem until I checked out the bathroom that was in the backroom and saw an active mousetrap in front of it! I still have nightmares that a rat could have jumped me while I was there. I'm not going back there, that's for sure.

Gold certified in TX
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Valued Contributor

Avon, OH
127 Posts

Posted - 10/14/2003 :  11:28:13 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote

I do merchandising projects in the inner city. I even managed a drug store there. I would never do a mystery shop there, however. I kinda stand out to be covert.


PS. I have found more respect in inner city stores then when I managed stores in the burgs. Customers in the burgs seem to think the store manager is their personal whipping boy. Forty years of retail as a manager and district manager in electronic superstores, arts and craft stores, catalog showrooms, variety stores and discount stores - I have seen it all. After 40 Christmas seasons, this year I will not have to put up with the terrorist shoppers!

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St. Catharines, Ontario
91 Posts

Posted - 10/16/2003 :  10:10:42 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
The strangest ones were that sunglass store, the fish food shop at the fish store, and the weight loss centre. For all the trouble they were worth, I can't even do them a second time without giving myself away.
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17 Posts

Posted - 10/16/2003 :  9:35:58 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
FF shops on the toll road. What the heck was I thinking???? The shop was about an hour from my home, but I had some other shops near it, so it was only a few miles out of the way, or so I thought. I stupidly didn't stop to think that on a toll road, you don't just simply pull out of the parking lot and turn around. No, I had to drive 12 miles down the road, and do a U-turn at the toll booth. (the attendant told me I could, otherwise, I would have ended up driving even further) So, I went about 30+ miles out of my way for not much money.

Shopping Southwest Michigan, Northern Indiana areas since 1999. MSPA Silver Certified
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Valued Contributor

128 Posts

Posted - 10/25/2003 :  10:13:12 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
HI all! Shops I would not do? Well, Exit interviews!

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Valued Contributor

230 Posts

Posted - 10/26/2003 :  6:32:59 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Colleen I'm with you on the exit interviews. I thought they would be easy, but I did one where I tried to ask people for three hours before I got my required two. The shop stated I could go back, but I was 60 miles from home. I guess it didn't help that I was in an ethnic area with a different background than myself. I also think the 20 minute phone card is worthless in today's economy. Who would even call to request for such a small prize? I know I wouldn't bother.

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Valued Contributor

Louisville, KY
177 Posts

Posted - 10/26/2003 :  7:20:26 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
How about an eyeglass shop where you are supposed to price out some glasses, but you end up getting pressured like you're on a car lot. It was eyeglasses for heavens sake

Louisville, KY and the surrounding areas.
Silver s6ayvx
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Star Contributor

New Orleans, LA
271 Posts

Posted - 10/26/2003 :  7:53:24 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I've got to agree on the exit interviews. The manager was not on the site and when he was contacted, he was clueless and asked me to leave. The contracted asked me to be assertive and take names...and I was out of luck on the 20 miles I'd driven.

I can do without days like that thanks.

MSPS Gold Shopper since Nov. 2002
Shopping New Orleans and Gulfport--points in between and beyond.
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Kathryn Vincent

Rockville, Maryland
36 Posts

Posted - 10/27/2003 :  2:03:03 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Those shops where you end up evaluating a bunch of employees for minimal pay are awful! I also will not do anymore shops at bus stations, my personal safety is worth more than the pay!

MSPA Gold Certified
Shopping in MD: Rockville, Potomac, Gaithersburg, Kensington, Bethesda
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65 Posts

Posted - 10/27/2003 :  4:33:14 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I am not into the $8.00 payment for grocery stores where you are expected to contact employees in all sorts of departments. Just not worth my time and the $15.00 in groceries, no incentive there either.

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Star Contributor

Rochester, NY
1100 Posts

Posted - 01/16/2004 :  11:18:58 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I recently performed a shop at an entertainmet complex. I had to shop the bar, restaurant, bowling alley, dance club, game room and billiards room. It sounds like fun but it was extremely tiring! By the time I made it into the dance club (after 11PM)I was truly dragging. It had to be done on a Friday night after I had worked a full day. The reimbursement of $75.00 sounded high but I ended up spending more. The report took over 2 hours to complete and some questions were somewhat unclear. Never again for this shop.

Part time shopper Rochester, NY
Silver Certified #junxlc
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