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 What TV Commercials make you lunge for the remote?
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Peter T. Sanderson
Valued Contributor

Pawley's Island, SC
150 Posts

Posted - 04/11/2004 :  10:20:58 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
There are some commercials that, even if you had no intention of channel surfing during the commercial break, are so offensive you have to grab the remote and change the channel.

For me it is the ones that starts with "No offence to casual dieters."

I find these commercials so offensive, I have to change the channel before he can finish that line. "I'm doctor Greg<CLICK>

And the similar one with the woman is so poorly produced her mouth does not sink with the audio track. It is really cheesy.

"It's not your fault that you're fat. Stress hormones cause fat to gather around your hips and buttocks."

If suppressing stress hormones was all it took to lose weight, why is Santa Clause and the Buddha so fat? Fat people are jolly, not stressed.

I could go on about diet and exercize but that belongs in the food forum. Here, my question is

What TV Commercials are so offensive they make you lunge for the remote?

Star Contributor

Lawai, HI
676 Posts

Posted - 04/11/2004 :  11:08:27 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I hate it when the volume is louder for the commercials.
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Barbara N.CA
Star Contributor

San Francisco, CA
2397 Posts

Posted - 04/11/2004 :  11:29:20 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I hate it more when people try to explain why, technically, commercials are really not louder than regular programming. Grrrrrrrr.

I hate that phone company commercial with Carrot Top.

MSPA Gold Shopper since June, 2003.
MSPA 2005 "Go To" Shopper
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Richard D W
Star Contributor

294 Posts

Posted - 04/11/2004 :  3:24:30 PM  Visit Richard D W's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
most people change the channel immediately when infomercials come on, but i gotta tell you they are some of the funniest things on tv.

the host is always entirely too enthusiastic about chopping an onion, pushing a button, or watching something spin. but the best is when they bring up those hack actors and let them test or taste something.

i couldn't fall asleep the last 2 nights easily, and i got sucked into this new infomercial... i can't think of the name of the product (so obviously this isn't a great infomercial if they can't get the name out more often), but it's the one where this blonde lady and a guy w/a fake British accent are showing this cooking device that chops, juices, etc. the set is a kitchen, and they're showing something like 8 ppl how to use this thing. i think those 8 ppl should win an award for how badly they act. my favorite bad actor is the lady w/the horrible blonde dye job. if you can't sleep, i highly recommend this one. it's too funny... i'm sure i'll see it on again--i'll update this post w/the product name once i see it again.
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Paso Robles, CA
456 Posts

Posted - 04/11/2004 :  3:57:23 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
The one that makes me want to drop-kick the tv through my picture window is the Pepto Bismo one where five people are dancing around to a jingo with the words nausea, indigestion, upset stomach, hearthburn and diarrhea. The jingo and dance are bad enough, but then they point to the offending areas! What a way to make a living, wiggling ones fanny and pointing to the diarrhea area. Yeeecchhhhhhhh!

Shopping the beautiful small towns on California's Central Coast.
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Lighthouse Point, FL
88 Posts

Posted - 04/11/2004 :  5:12:30 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Carrol -
I have to agree with you on the Pepto commercial. How awful!!

Trish -
MSPA Silver Certified
Shopping Southeast Florida
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Marietta, Georgia
35 Posts

Posted - 06/03/2004 :  5:46:10 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote

hate the commercials on like Noggin or something that (KidsBop I think) has all these kids singing these songs that are obviously adult songs. I hate it.

When will that Ditech guy go away? They lost another loan...to someone with less repulsive commercials.

hate all of the male enhancement commercials, even the 'Smiling Bob' ones.

I hate all of the fake orgasm herbal essence commercials.

The Hefty Zoo Pals Plates commercial.
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Star Contributor

Chesterfield, MO
316 Posts

Posted - 06/03/2004 :  6:52:45 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I am SO SICK of all the commercials for the various male enhancement pills. I swear for a month I thought one of them could make you throw a football through a tire!
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Valued Contributor

152 Posts

Posted - 06/03/2004 :  7:16:04 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
The one I HATE is when the guy says "If DirecTV were a woman I'd marry you".

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Star Contributor

Rochester, NY
1100 Posts

Posted - 06/03/2004 :  7:29:01 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I hate the one with the nasty little green things going underneath the toenail and scratching and turning it brown. It is for Lamasil nail fungus medicine. It gives me the willies just thinking about it.

Part time shopper Rochester, NY
Silver Certified #junxlc
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Star Contributor

Walla Walla, WA
867 Posts

Posted - 06/03/2004 :  9:31:18 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
It bugs me when they play the same commercial so many times you want to scream "enough already!" There was one out last year for a car company, and I don't even remember which company it was because I've tried to block it from my memory. But it showed a girl "dancing" in the passenger seat of the car while it was being driven down the streets of some city at night. It seemed like it was being shown at every commercial break for every show on every channel! I could tolerate it the first 100 times, but the next 1000 or so I was definitely diving for that remote.

That Pepto Bismo commercial that someone posted about back in April took awhile to get to our area I guess (or else I'm just not watching enough TV ). I had never seen it when I first read that post, but a couple weeks ago I finally came across it. My jaw sure hit the floor! Boy, I hope I never get as desperate for cash as those people must have been.
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Bonnie in Burbank
Star Contributor

Burbank, CA
5940 Posts

Posted - 06/03/2004 :  10:09:38 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
The Viva commercial drives me nuts . I swear I must see that one at least 20 times a day. I'm sure! Like you would really squirt water all over the kitchen like that. Do they think that paper towel would really soak up all that water and soda pop? Every time I see Billy and his Mother I want to knock some sense into them.

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Star Contributor

3052 Posts

Posted - 06/03/2004 :  10:27:07 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
While I understand and agree with the message, I can't listen to the anti-domestic violence commercials. My daughter becomes visibly upset whenever one comes on. She has never heard verbal abuse at home (or I pray at daycare) and she comes running to me for comfort whenever the one with the parents shouting and the baby crying comes on. It comes on frequently on the television and radio. I've even explained to my favorite radio station that I just don't see how it is in their best interest to run ads that cause parents to switch stations. I got the impression that the receptionist thought I was just being an over-protective parent.

Silver certified
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Star Contributor

Portland, Oregon
2339 Posts

Posted - 06/04/2004 :  12:51:42 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Anything that shows disgusting bugs, spiders, infections, or ugly creatures, whether real or animated. YUCK!

I'm getting REALLY tired of hearing, "Can you hear me now?"

Happily shopping the Portland, Oregon metro area!
~MSPA *Gold* Certified, 2003~
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Star Contributor

Bourbonnais (S. of Chicago), IL
2015 Posts

Posted - 06/04/2004 :  12:34:52 PM  Visit Heather86's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
"Can you hear me now?"
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Star Contributor

Vancouver, BC
373 Posts

Posted - 06/04/2004 :  1:09:46 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I must admit when I read the original post, I thought of an energizer bunny running across the screen interrupting the ad. Wasn't there one like that once?


MSPA Gold Certified
Shopping North Vancouver to White Rock
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Valued Contributor

Mt. Sterling, Illinois
237 Posts

Posted - 06/04/2004 :  2:53:18 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Do you remember the Geiko commercial where that d*** thing licked it's eye with that long tongue? I could not stand that. It totally grossed me out. (Got a lot of 'that' in there don't I)

MSPA Silver Certified
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Virginia Beach, VA
28 Posts

Posted - 06/08/2004 :  7:06:44 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Any AFLAC commercial with that annoying duck.
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Star Contributor

511 Posts

Posted - 06/16/2004 :  1:09:59 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I detest the "more you know" commercials where celebrities tell you how to raise your kids. And I don't even have kids! Yet these crazies with their incredibly warped values and unrealistic lifestyles want to tell me to read to my daughter at bedtime? At risk of sounding like Bart Simpson, bite me!

"Let's shop til we plop!" "You mean shop til we drop?" "Whatever!"
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14 Posts

Posted - 06/26/2004 :  6:20:18 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Those Quizno commercials with those singing "rats" disgust me. How can anyone eat there after watching those things dancing and singing?
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Box Elder, SD
6 Posts

Posted - 06/27/2004 :  9:43:14 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
The Dish TV ads with the pigs!!!!
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