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 Stationary and Business cards, are they worth doing for a Mystery Shopper?
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Posted - 10/19/2005 :  03:09:18 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I agree with Quinn. I can't see any practical purpose whatsoever for a mystery shopper to have business cards. Who, exactly, would you be giving them out to?
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Paula Kutka
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Houston, TX
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Posted - 10/19/2005 :  05:36:31 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Asking what uses one might have for business cards? Here are a few uses.
I gave my card to a mystery shopper company owner a few weeks ago when they were interviewing me for shopping possibilities. I have also attached my card to paperwork sent in. I have given my card to other shoppers who contact me with leads. I have used the cards when I attended MSPA events with shopping companies looking for shoppers. Considering I paid $4.99 from Vista, I've found some uses for the cards. If I have contact with shop companies through the mail, I use them. It's not like I'm running through boxes of them, but it's not absurd to have cards.

Gold Certified shopping the Houston/Galveston area and IAH Airport since 2002
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S Wollenberg

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Posted - 10/19/2005 :  06:00:49 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I haven't done cards or stationary. But, for my merchandising jobs, I had a nice nametag made up. It has MA&R, my name, and Independent Contractor. MA&R stands for Marketing, Auditing, and Research. I find that wearing it definitely enhances my credibility when I ask to see Dep't/Store Managers. They can immediately discern that I am there to perform a professional job.

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Redwood City, California
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Posted - 10/19/2005 :  10:33:32 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
This is almost one of those self-answering questions. If you can't see a use for business cards, then there's no point in having them.

I wish I had had them when I set up my MS account at the bank. It would have saved me some explaining, along with the inevitable "Don't worry about it, I'm not shopping you right now" reassurance. Being able to whip out a card that said "Customer Service Evaluations" would have saved some grief.

Which reminds me...it's time to order some for my other profit centers as well. Might as well have 'em all done at once.

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Grand Junction, Colorado
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Posted - 10/19/2005 :  1:17:29 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Hey Folks!!!
Vistaprint will print out 200 business cards for almost nothing...you pay for shipping and I think it works out to be about $5... they have their name on the back so they get the advertising too...I have ordered them for my home business and they are of high quality.

Use the link on this page:
Useful Independent Contractor Tools
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Waukesha, WI
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Posted - 10/22/2005 :  05:09:23 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I think business cards are a great idea. If you have been through the gold certification workshop, they really emphasize on why they are so useful. I had previously stored my information on my regular business card (writing all my info on the back). While it still gave my numbers, email, etc, I look forward to being able to print out business cards specifically for MS'ing. I plan to send them out with all mail communication, or, just copying them onto a fax. Just looks more professional.

MSPA GOLD Certified enqyfs
Shopping all of SE WI
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Star Contributor

North Haledon, NJ
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Posted - 10/23/2005 :  7:46:23 PM  Visit CMilton's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
Kinkos has a program that you can install on your computer that acts as an alternative to your printer. You can print one sheet of business cards, invoices, business stationary or anything else and then pick it up at their outlets.

I printed out five sheets of business cards (50), picked them up in an hour, and they were flawless. I call myself a "consultant" and use them for many things. I think they were less than 20 cents per sheet of 10.


celia milton
Gold Certified 2004, nzcy0k
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Posted - 10/23/2005 :  10:39:36 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I would think it easier(and cheaper) to print it out on your own printer. You can print out 1 or a whole sheet. If you get a laser printer, it'll be even cheaper(you can get a good laser now for under $100!).

Also, a tip, OTP, but I thought it might be useful. When filling out a report online, and just before submitting it, print it to an adobe printer driver(it's easy to install this), an ms document image, or to file. This way you will have a copy of what you submitted so you can throw out your paper copy (less clutter, and easier to locate). I've found the best is to do the adobe PDF, but that's personal preference. This won't work for some MSC's that have you enter a report screen by screen, but most MSC's do it all on one screen.

Deliriously Happy Shopping Uncertifiable
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Posted - 10/24/2005 :  09:44:36 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Still, most companies have it on only 3 or 4 screens. Then you can just label them however, but append -1, -2, -3, etc. . . . or whatever method you prefer. Cake, especially if there are people printing up each individual screen

MSPA Silver Certified!
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Oklahoma City, OK
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Posted - 12/23/2005 :  1:29:32 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
This may be a crazy question, but hey, it won't be my first in this lifetime to ask a crazy question. . . .and it won't be my last. So here goes. . .

If the point of having business cards at the gold cert. workshop is to make it easy for schedulers to remember you, would it make sense to print some with a photo on it?

I remember years ago going to a "job fair" for the largest school system in my area. I was told that photos were totally optional, but that the administrators would see so many different applicants throughout the day that a photo attached to my resume might help them remember which one I was. I not only had a photo done (at Kinkos -- basically a passport type photo), but I wore the same outfit in the photo that I was planning to wear at the job fair. And I did get a teaching job out of the fair, but of course that does not necessarily have anything to do with a my photo.

Anyway, I don't have business cards, and I don't know of any use for them except to use at the gold cert. workshop I'm scheduled for in February. But I'm wondering if printing a photo on the card would be useful as a "memory jog", or if it would just look. . . well. . . dumb.

And does it need to be a business card? What if I just printed out something small on high quality paper (like 1/4 sheet size) with the information on it. Now am I getting too tacky?

MSPA Gold Certified
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