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 Could we have a Ranking System for Companies?
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Posted - 04/28/2005 :  09:15:25 AM  Visit PamInCa's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
Well, I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I see to many posts that turn out differently after a company rep comes here to reply.

Author of: "The Essential Guide to Mystery Shopping"
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Fairfax, VA
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Posted - 04/28/2005 :  1:35:24 PM  Send KellyBear an AOL message  Reply  Reply with Quote
It's my impression that the ranking system wouldn't take the place of the threads, but be an added bonus. If you, personally, need 10 pages of comments, then you still have the option to read them. If you work better off a numerical value and a short comment, that option is available, too. I also imagine it would be possible to change your rating as you see fit, so that the rating would change to reflect everyone's feelings and not just get a new feeling added to the mix, so to speak (if that makes sense).
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near Grand Rapids, MI
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Posted - 04/28/2005 :  4:49:50 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I believe a rating system like this would not be helpful. The chances of an uninformed/crabby shopper skewing the results are too great. Honestly, are you going to give your feedback after every good shop you do, day after day, to have the rating system be properly proportioned? How would we keep a shopper from rating a company more than once? How would we keep a shopper who had never worked for a company from voting?

MSPA Silver Certified
Shopping Western Michigan
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Star Contributor

Pinellas Park, FL
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Posted - 06/16/2005 :  12:46:16 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
1. I like the idea of a five star rating for MSPs.

One star each for

speed of payment
communication/response time
adequacy of fees
clarity of forms/website navigation
variety of assignments

Note to Michelle1975
I did not include professionalism of staff because if all 5 stars are present you can bet there are very professional people in this MSP.

2. Next establishing criteria for each. Except for the adequacy of fees a standard could be agreed to. I believe each shopper will have to decide for themselves whether a fee is adequate for them or not.

3. The threads are absolutely vital for feedback since that is what this forum is all about. It will help you decide whether the MSP is a good fit for you or not.

3. It would be essential to keep the rating updated with each post/input received.
Eligibility to provide input: Minimum of six months or maybe a year of shopping experience.
I like the idea of including a rating space in the reply form for "Feedback requested: XXX company".

4. As far as the grading system for shoppers by the MSP. In essence that already exists in the companies or schedulers data base. Performance counts and communication is key on both sides.

I dare say that professionals like to work with professionals and appreciate each others time and effort. I will do my best to find and establish myself with those MSPs that treat me well and pay me as promised.
Speaking as a newbie I sure wish I could find more ways to speed up this process.

5. However, generally speaking I do not agree that a rating system is the ultimate answer unless it is restricted to turn around time for pay only.
As a starting point payment practice of the MSP is important to all of us shoppers.
All other criteria is best based on your own personal grading system.

MSPA Gold Shopping sunny Florida Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo .....
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Valued Contributor

West Bloomfield, MI
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Posted - 06/16/2005 :  1:07:54 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I think that a ranking would be very helpful. As long as you make sure that each user only gets one vote. Which they are able to change if they want to.

I also wouldnt mind having the MS companies rank us.

I agree with those who stated that comments are still necessary. I get a lot insight into what to expect from a company thru these comments.

SILVER SHOPPPER-Shopping Metro-Detroit including West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, Novi, Southfield and Troy
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Jody B
Valued Contributor

Mankato, MN
178 Posts

Posted - 04/02/2010 :  08:23:37 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I realize this topic is quite old but I got to thinking about another site that I go to for information on ranking survey sites. The rankings for companies are not static. The rankings change as companies change.

I think the best part of the ranking system would be mostly self-serving. I could see which companies get the highest feedback and apply to these companies.

Shopper in Southern Minnesota-the Little Twin Cities-A Lot Minnesota (Mankato) and beyond
Now Silver Certified!
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11 Posts

Posted - 10/25/2010 :  12:41:46 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
This is a great idea! This would help me out a lot. This would help improve quality (in theory) for both the shopper and scheduler.

Silver 2010
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Valued Contributor

Hudson, FL
197 Posts

Posted - 11/14/2010 :  10:55:35 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
As my personal "income", I am an Arts & Crafts show promoter. There are several websites that have a link to 'rate the promoter'. On those sites, I've been given high remarks and the worst of the worst. If a vendor doesn't have a good show, they blame me for it, not the crap that they are selling or their attitude to the customers. They have to blame someone besides themselves. There's not much difference between evaluating a Mystery company and a promoter. I have vendors who do all of my events and others, I've asked them not to return. Thank you for the offer of those want to do their critiquing, but I won't get involved.

Silver Shopper - West Coast Florida
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