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 Tips Requested: MSPA Silver Certification Test
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Posted - 08/22/2003 :  08:04:26 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
How long does it take to complete the MSPA Silver Certification questions?

I'm wanting to do the Silver Certification. For those of you who have done it, how much time do I need to set aside? Is it quick? Can you print off the info from the first part? Did you find the test to be pretty easy?

Thanks for any replies!


Star Contributor

Vineland, NJ
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Posted - 08/22/2003 :  08:20:23 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Yes, you can print the pages prior to taking the test.
If I remember correctly, it only took about 15 minutes.
It was a lot easier than I expected it to be.

I shop Vineland, Deptford, Mays Landing and Atlantic City, NJ
Silver Certified
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Hamilton, OH
94 Posts

Posted - 08/22/2003 :  08:21:05 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I did the Silver certification in 30 minutes. Yeah, 30 minutes! I didn't try to print the short study guide, just read through it and took the exam. If you have done a few shops, read all your ICAs, and hung out here long enough to observe other folks experiences, you should be fine. This is a certification rather than an instructional course.

Silver certified, and going for the Gold in Toledo tomorrow!

MSPA Gold Certified #ct8cxq
Shopping Hamilton, Fairfield, West Chester and the northern Cincinnati suburbs.
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Las Vegas, NV
13 Posts

Posted - 08/22/2003 :  09:00:50 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I just certified yesterday. I am positive that it took under 30 minutes. If you've done shopping in the past, you should have no problems passing the test!


Silver Certified 8/2003 p9lrbt
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Searcy, AR
14 Posts

Posted - 08/22/2003 :  09:54:01 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I read through all the material first and made sure that I understood it and knew it. The test took about thirty minutes but was pretty basic. If you have done shopping before and read the material you will have no problems. Good Luck
P.S I thought the certification was well worth the time and money.[:p]

MSPA silver # m6w8xz
Shopping Arkansas
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Valued Contributor

Peru, IN
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Posted - 08/22/2003 :  2:36:35 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
It took me about 20 minutes. If you have done several shops, it should be stuff you already know. I didn't print out the materials. There was a question that I wasn't sure of, so maybe I should have.

shopping Logansport, Kokomo, Peru, Rochester, and Wabash
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Allyson Goldjay
Star Contributor

Elkton, MD
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Posted - 08/22/2003 :  3:09:25 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I think it took me about 30 minutes total. I personally printed everything off. I didn't know how hard it would be and I wanted to have the answers in print just in case I needed them. Also, I am glad now that I did because I can use it as a reference to look back on whenever I want.


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Valued Contributor

Pittsburgh, PA
172 Posts

Posted - 08/22/2003 :  3:47:33 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I completed this whole course in 15 minutes, test and all. Fortunately, I have taken a course in speed reading and I think it was of great benefit, especially in mystery shopping, since a lot of reading is involved. If you have ever done a shop, and have read your ICAs, this course will be a breeze!

Silver Certified Shopper #4j0h41
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Valued Contributor

Los Angeles, CA
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Posted - 08/22/2003 :  7:18:31 PM  Send PamelaS an AOL message  Reply  Reply with Quote
You should be able to finish in 30 minutes or less unless you're super slow.

Then it'll take 31!

Shopping Los Angeles and Orange Counties. MSPA Gold Certification: 3qangd
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Star Contributor

Orlando, FL
490 Posts

Posted - 08/29/2003 :  12:35:39 PM  Visit SherryShopper's Homepage  Send SherryShopper an AOL message  Reply  Reply with Quote
I was EXTREMELY nervouse about getting Silver. I just hate tests (the pressure is on). But I found that it was much easier than I thought it would be. Mostly common sense and the reading comprehension from the tutorial you read before the test. I did it in about 20 minutes.

~*~ Sherry ~*~
MSPA Gold Certified #bzxeut
Orlando, FL and surrounding areas
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Star Contributor

441 Posts

Posted - 08/29/2003 :  12:43:57 PM  Visit CathyInMD's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
I would say it took about 20 minutes to complete the test. The test did not seem so bad once you took a look at all the materials.

MSPA Gold Certified
Shopping In Maryland
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Posted - 08/30/2003 :  11:36:03 AM  Visit ShannonC's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
I'm going to be taking the test this week and I noticed that the first thing they ask for is the credit card info for payment. Is the tutorial for the certification given after you type in your payment info or do I look for that somewhere else on the site? I want to make sure I can print the info before I take the test just incase I'm unsure of a question. Thanks
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Sebastian, FL
89 Posts

Posted - 08/30/2003 :  5:40:13 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Shannon, I just did this today. First you give your credit card info, then is the tutorial, then the test. Just print each page as you go if you need to, but I found the test a lot of common sense, and was not kicking myself for not printing the pages (in fact I would have found it a waste of ink and paper). But, I know some folks feel more comfortable with the printed version. Good luck, I am silver now!!

Shopping the treasure coast of Florida
silver certified 2x9kdv
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Gulf Breeze, FL
84 Posts

Posted - 09/01/2003 :  09:05:16 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Make sure when you enter your information, that you use your shopping email in the cc space! (My cc email is different than my shopper email.) I emailed the MSPA to ask, and they said YES, PLEASE!!! The MSPA said it is difficult to change afterward!

Just a FYI.

MSPA Silver Certified
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Lake Worth, Fl.
3 Posts

Posted - 09/23/2003 :  07:53:20 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I just took the test this A.M. I found it to be,just common sense. I am just wondering how to inform the companies that I have the certification? I am looking forward, now, to going for the Gold.
Nancy, shopping the W.P.B. Fl. area.

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Star Contributor

Bridgeport, WV
1623 Posts

Posted - 09/21/2004 :  8:37:17 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
The test takes about a dollar a minute. Now if we could get shops that pay so well.
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Star Contributor

North Haledon, NJ
379 Posts

Posted - 09/23/2004 :  10:20:53 PM  Visit CMilton's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
I did it before I even applied to a company; I've found that the specialized tests that some companies require for certain clients are way harder...


celia milton
Gold Certified 2004, nzcy0k
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Houston, TX
53 Posts

Posted - 09/24/2004 :  08:27:30 AM  Send Cherrie an AOL message  Reply  Reply with Quote
I Copied and Pasted the information to MS Word, and then took the test. I had all the information on another screen that I could refer back to if I needed it, but the test was not difficult at all, and I only had to refer to the information once. I would say that 30 minutes is about all you need to study for and pass this test.

Cheryl Thompson
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Star Contributor

Gastonia, NC
448 Posts

Posted - 09/24/2004 :  6:07:52 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I finally did this... it took me longer to update my MS profiles with my new certification number than it did to take the test.

Does anyone know if there is a way to see what your score was? Mine just said I passed, but I'd like to know the score.

MSPA Gold 2006
Shopping Greater Charlotte, Gastonia, and the Upstate of SC.
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Star Contributor

Bellevue, NE
1171 Posts

Posted - 03/24/2005 :  10:42:14 PM  Send Jeff68005 an AOL message  Reply  Reply with Quote
I may catch some flack, but here is what I did. I reviewed some things at the Shadow Shopper University. This can be done for FREE.


I agree that their fee is not worth it for me. I took their Shadow Shopper "CertiShop Certification Test" for the practice. It was FREE.
After passing that and reading some Volition posts, I took the MSPA Silver exam and passed it.

Jeff Hix
Serving metro Omaha, Nebraska including Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista, Ralston, Plattsmouth and Council Bluffs, Iowa.
MSPA Silver Certified - MSPA Gold Certified - NARMS Proficiency Test PASSED
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Star Contributor

Western, Washington
1883 Posts

Posted - 03/24/2005 :  10:43:18 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
P.S I thought the certification was well worth the time and money
Did you learn a lot?

“Great empires are not maintained by timidity.” Tacitus
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