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 Question about Using Abbreviations and Acronyms in Posts
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Posted - 05/22/2003 :  12:52:47 PM  Visit ElaineHN's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
Hi! I thought this was in the guidelines somewhere but either I'm overlooking it, or it isn't where I thought it was...

I know we've been asked to spell out company names when posting and in titles and I completely understand why and have no problem with doing so. But I just wondered ... if a company name is used several times in one post is it okay to abbreviate it (i.e. SnC, CoRI) after the full name (i.e. Shop'n Chek , Corporate Research International) has been used in the first part of the post? Or does it need to be spelled out every single time it's used even within the same post?

Just let me know ...

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Prescott, AZ
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Posted - 05/22/2003 :  1:05:10 PM  Visit VolitionAdmin's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
There is no specific rule. It is just common courtesy and being helpful.

As long as the first reply to you is not "Who is ABC?" and someone searching a year from now can find your post, you are doing fine.

As far as I am concerned the real name needs to be in the title of the post. That way if someone wants to search on info about a company the topic will be found.

There is no reason you cannot switch back and forth as long as the full name is given once and it is clear who you are talking about.

In cases where there are 2 companies with incredibly confusing names like NSS & NSSN or CoRI & CRI or SendMoreInfo and SendMoreInformation, you need to be extra clear on who you are referring to. Otherwise the replies you get could be about a different company that you were talking about.

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Tampa Bay Area, FL
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Posted - 08/12/2003 :  11:56:56 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I agree that the company name should be written out in full when first referred to in a post. I usually write the full name the first time and then place the acronym immediately after that in parenthesis. For example: National Shopping Service (NSS). Then I use NSS for the remainder of the post, as I have already identified what the acronym means. This practice is common and accepted in the professional business arena, and works well for this forum.
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Rochester, NY
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Posted - 03/15/2004 :  12:20:29 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I know that this is a DQ (Dumb Question) but I've been wondering for a while. I often see the abbreviation DH used in posts. I know the H is Husband but what is the D?

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Ray Sola
Volition.com Staff

Prescott, AZ
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Posted - 03/15/2004 :  12:31:55 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote

Not a dumb question and one we debated. See:
Is DH a Derogatory Term used for One's Spouse?

You should also note:
Common Internet Acronyms
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