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 Remembering 9/11
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Rossville, GA
327 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2006 :  06:38:56 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
That morning was bitter sweet for me. My day started out at the doctor's office finding out via ultrasound that I was going to have a boy! While in the lab of the doctor's office we all paused as we listened to the radio and what was going on, at that time only one tower had been hit. We went to breakfast and called to tell everyone our good news and then watched the news all day, in horror.

Marie In Chicago
Mega Contributor

Chicago, IL
62076 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2006 :  07:04:09 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I went online in the morning before taking my Son to grade school, he was in 3rd grade. The screen showed a twin tower with smoke, it had just happened. My first thought was that a movie was being released about New York, but then read further. I went into the family room and turned on CNN/FOX News and watched as it unfolded.

I had to leave to take my Son to school, but I also had planned before the breaking news to go grocery shopping after I dropped him off....I had too, I had no milk, bread in the house........this is the eerie part.

I drove into the Jewel grocery store parking lot and only 6 cars if that were in the lot. Living near O'Hare I'm in the flight pattern for take offs and landing, they're LOW. As I walked through the parking lot there was another gentleman and myself. The planes were starting to come in and land. We both stopped at the same time and just stared at this United Airlines jet flying over....just waiting and thinking....is it going to crash? (At least that's what I was thinking.)

The weeks that followed, the sound of silence in the air was strange, but once the OK was given to open the air travel again and seeing the jetliners over and over being replayed on television flying into the twin towers in the weeks before....it was HARD....very HARD to see the jets start flying over. It was so raw. I thought I was the only one feeling that way, but I wasn't alone. A psychiatrist was on the Chicago news and mentioned exactly what I was feeling. It was normal.
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Star Contributor

Briarwood, NY
933 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2006 :  07:05:31 AM  Send CorrieS an AOL message  Reply  Reply with Quote
I worked in midtown Manhattan at the time (still do actually, but I'm at a different place). I had just gotten off the elevator at work, and a whole bunch of people were standing in the reception area. First I thought "fire drill" and was confused (who has a fire drill first thing in the morning?), then I realized they were all watching TV. When I saw what they were watching I was confused again. Someone crashed a plane into the towers? What kind of idiot? I was thinking about JFK Jr and his crash a few years before. It's weird because I only remember thinking it was only one plane - but I stood there for 15 or 20 minutes watching and DIDN'T see the 2nd plane hit, so it must have already hit when I arrived, and it just took me a while to realize. I remember going back and forth from the computer to the reception area all morning in disbelief. Subways and bridges were shut down and I didn't know if I'd get home. When they reopened things for outbound, I walked across the 59th Street Bridge with hundreds? thousands? of other people. Long walk. It was primary day and when we came off the bridge one of the candidates was standing there with water and juice. Next I kept walking and got on a bus... it took 3x as long as it should have, but I knew I was on my way home and I felt safer on a bus than on a train.

My husband's story is kind of weird. As a stay home dad, he got used to staying up nights with the baby and sleeping late in the mornings. That particular morning he had turned off the ringer on the phone and also turned the answering machine way down. So he never even knew what was going on, despite the phone ringing off the hook. When he woke up - maybe 10am??? - he saw the light on the machine blinking and he played all these messages... some from me ( when I had been able to get through), some from friends wondering where I worked and if I was ok... Finally he put on the TV and saw what was going on. He is known as the Man who Slept through 9/11...

I'm sorry to go on so long. But I'm glad someone started this thread, as this morning has been very rough for me. I didn't sleep well last night, I made sure I kissed DH and our sleeping daughter this morning... I cried dropping my son (now 6 1/2 years old) off at school... and I am still a little bit of a wreck...

Corrie S.
MSPA Silver Certified
shopping NYC & Nassau County... and willing to travel...
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Star Contributor

Rochester, NY
1100 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2006 :  07:33:41 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I don't think anyone could ever forget where they were that day.
I was in a Microsoft Access class that had started at 8 oclock that morning. A little before 9 AM an employee knocked on the door to tell us that a plane had hit the world trade center. A little after 9 AM she came back to tell us that another plane had hit the second tower. At that point they told us that we could leave or go to the break room to contact loved ones if we needed to. I think we were on break when the plane hit the pentagon. After about a 15 minute break the class resumed. About an hour later they knocked on the door to tell us that the second tower had collapsed. There was yet another knock for the other collapse. I remember being so afraid, not knowing what was going on. I have don't remember when or how I found out about the downed plane in Pennsylvania.
When we broke for lunch there were phones all along the break room and they were all taken. The most vivid thing that I remember is the one guy that was on one of the phones screaming at the top of his lungs "PACK YOUR F***ING SH*T. IT'S WORLD WAR III. WE'RE GETTING THE F*** OUT OF HERE!". I wondered then and still wonder now where the heck he thought he could go to get away from World War III??? We were given the option of cancelling the class with the opportunity to take it again for free or continuing it. My class voted unanimously to continue (I think we were all in shock). To this day I have no idea how to use most of the features that I supposedly learned in that class.

Part time shopper Rochester, NY
Silver Certified #junxlc
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Star Contributor

3121 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2006 :  07:58:14 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by CorrieS

He is known as the Man who Slept through 9/11...

He is not the only one. My DH was staying at home with our daughter as well and had slept through all the messages. Unfortunately, I have to say, he did not have the excuse of a turned off ringer and turned down answering machine. I came home early, because my work was in a building with 11 floors near O'Hare (we lived in DeKalb, IL, at the time). And they also probably thought that nobody would work that day anyway. He was still sound asleep. He did not even check the messages (nor the news), when he had given our daughter her bottle some two hours earlier.

I myself was on my way to work, a 70 mile drive. I was listening (but not paying much attention) to some headline news radio station. When the first plane hit, I was at an intersection with a four-way stop, with long lines in all directions. People frequently disobey the rules, because they want to rush to work. That day, they all fiddled with their radios trying to find out what happened. That's when I paid more attention to what was said on the radio, too. The news people did not quite know what size airplane had hit and they were still somehow thinking it was just a small one or two seater.

I remember a resident of one of the penthouses around the area had called in to let them know that he had seen the plane before it hit and that it was a bigger passenger plane even stating the approximate model. They quickly discounted him. I suppose it was just so unbelievable that a regular passenger plane and not some suicidal idiot in a small plane hit the towers. He called back after the second plane hit. This time they listened.

By the time I made it to the spot on the interstate, where I usually hit major Chicago traffic, everybody was driving eerily calm and below the speed limit. That just doesn't happen in Chicago. The second plane had hit. When I made it to the airport area, where the planes usually take off right close to and over the interstate in a very high frequency, I noticed there were no planes at all. I looked up in the sky and there was one lonely plane very high up in the sky en route to Canada. At that moment they announced on the radio that all planes had been grounded. All planes in the air had been instructed to land except those already in the air flying to Canada. However, they also announced that three planes were unaccounted for. One they later found on some airport somewhere, the other two, well, unfortunately we know what happened.

When I came into work, the mood was somber. People were huddled around radios and some were trying to get updates via Yahoo. Some were trying to reach friends and relatives in New York. Our company had just sent reps there for some contract negotiation. Fortunately, they all were safe, but it took them a week to get home. Some had relatives drive to New York to pick them up, because as you might remember, there were no flights and the bus and train tickets were quickly gone.

Everybody was shocked. A co-worker told me that she had felt totally save. She would have never thought that somebody would dare to attack on American soil.

MSPA Silver Certified!
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Dawn Puskas
Star Contributor

Zephyrhills, Florida
389 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2006 :  08:12:38 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
My dh, dd, and I had moved from Florida to New Jersey in 2000 to be closer to his family. After a year there, we decided New Jersey wasn't for us, so we decided to move home. My MIL drove with us. We had stopped overnight in North Carolina. When we got up, everyone was in the lobby staring at the t.v.. We stood there in shock, and then watched as the second plane crashed. The drive was eerie that day - not a single airplane in the sky, and the traffic was at a minimum. The worst part(later) was that my dh had worked at the post office of the zip code where the anthrax letter originated.
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Valued Contributor

220 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2006 :  08:25:55 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I was on the phone talking to a friend of mine, while my daughter watched a video. Neither one of us knew what had happened. My husband called about an hour after all the planes hit, ordering me not to go anywhere that day. That did not go over well, and I pretty much told him that I was going to store whether he wanted me to or not. Only then did he realize that I had no idea what had happened and told me. I remember that I did go to the store anyway, but I don't remember what I needed. Probably diapers and milk. Spent the rest of the day in front of the tv.
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Star Contributor

1691 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2006 :  08:52:17 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I took an early out package from American Airlines in 1996 because of my husband's poor health. They were not happy that I took the package, and kept calling me back to work on a contract basis when I was able to leave him.

In the summer of 2001, American called me back again because they were in the process of purchasing TWA. The TWA employees had to make informed decisions about working for our company or retiring from TWA. It was my responsibility to help them make their decisions.

In mid August, I left St. Louis for NYC to talk to the many TWA employees who were based there. I had already informed American that I would have to return home to Houston on September 10 because my husband had to go into the hospital for surgery the morning of September 11. I was standing next to my husband's bed in the pre-surgery room watching the tiny little TV they had in the small prep room. We watched the first plane hit...then we watched the second plane hit, and I knew instantly our lives had changed that day forever.

The good thing about the day was I didn't worry about what was going on in the surgical room like I ordinarily did. I sat for three hours in the surgical waiting room with my eyes glued to the TV. I remember seeing other people in the waiting area who were laughing and talking while all the horror was being shown. I remember thinking that they must have no idea what this means to us as Americans. I remember crying most of the day.

I have just received the following message from the CEO of American Airlines, Gerard Arpey, to all employees and retirees. I think it's appropriate to share it with you today...

A Message from CEO Gerard Arpey

"We feel the loss of the friends, coworkers and passengers who died on 9/11 every day, but I know the feeling is particularly acute today.

Five years ago, we were reminded, in the starkest possible terms, of our own fragility and vulnerability. We suffered a vicious attack on our country, our company and the values of freedom, tolerance and decency that underpin our society. In the five years since the attacks, our strength and resiliency have been tested like never before. We have been challenged in every way but not beaten; discouraged, but never to the point of despair. We could have easily pulled apart, but instead we pulled together.

The passage of time is not enough to fully heal from the pain of that terrible day. But it has proven more than enough time to reveal the strength, courage and grace that reside in every member of our team. I know all of our thoughts and prayers today are with the families and loved ones of those who died five years ago. As we do what we can to ease their suffering, let us resolve to extend the same compassion and understanding to each other, and to all those we encounter in our daily lives. I can think of no more fitting tribute to those we lost on September 11, 2001."

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Star Contributor

Landis, NC
1204 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2006 :  12:28:00 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I had just gotten back from takeing the boys to school, and I turned on GMA as usual, but NOT the usual scene was shown. I was absolutely in shock at what I saw. The first plane had hit minutes before, and they were speculating on what could have happened. I had a bad feeling that just as the WTC had been targeted before that this was once again an attempt to shake up America. And shake it up they did.
As with everyone else, I stayed glued to the TV all day....Well, actually, ALL WEEK. I felt every heart breaking of every person shown. I have never cried so much, so often in my life. There was not one normal television show on for quite a while. I was so scared to turn it on for fear of what they would say happened in the time I had it turned off.
When we started hearing planes in the sky again, I was scared to death, to the point that I would have anxiety attacks. I am glad this no longer happens. My thoughts and prayers to those who were touched more closely by this tragedy.

I'm not asleep....I'm checking for light leaks! :)
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Star Contributor

Middletown, MD
900 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2006 :  1:35:55 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I was at a conference at the Crystal City Marriott hotel, a few blocks from the Pentagon. We were already in session, in an underground windowless large ballroom, when the first plane hit.

I noticed a lot of people scurrying around, talking on cell phones, and my first thought was - how rude. Pay attention.

Someone made an announcement a little while later. Needless to say, lobbying day (scheduled for Capitol Hill that afternoon) was cancelled.

I went to my room to watch the tube and was able to see the smoke from the Pentagon out the window. The traffic - away from the Pentagon - was standing still on the road out front.

Many conference attendees were stuck in town for days trying to arrange ways home. Lucky for me I had driven from where I lived at the time, in Northeast PA, and I was able to drive home.

I lost a good friend that day. She worked for the Port Authority in Tower 2. Susan, you are missed.
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Star Contributor

Poplar Bluff, MO
543 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2006 :  1:46:37 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Every morning at that time, I would get up at 6:00 a.m. and drive 45 miles (one way) and pick up my (then) 1 year old grandson to babysit for my daughter. In the evening, I would take him back to her home. I had stopped at my mother's on the way back home and visited her for a while, was just walking through our door when the phone started ringing. It was my husband asking if I heard anything about America being attacked, would I turn on the t.v. and see what was going on. Just as I turned it on, the second plane hit. I stayed glued to the t.v. the rest of the day watching everything over and over. Everytime I would look at my grandson, I couldn't help wonder how the tragic event would change the world for him to grow up in.

I've heard a couple of people really go on and on about how New York just isn't the same without the Twin Towers. That may be, I don't know. But my feelings are the towers were just buildings. They can be replaced. It's all the lives that were not just taken but forever affected by this that is unexcusable. What made/makes it so difficult to deal with --as Christians, (those of us who are) we are supposed to forgive those people that did that. Definately an issue with me.
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Fairfax, VA
1198 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2006 :  2:32:11 PM  Send KellyBear an AOL message  Reply  Reply with Quote
I had gotten home around 6:30am from working an overnight shift at work. I finally got to sleep around 7:30. One of my friends called just after the plane hit the Pentagon to tell me that we were being attacked. In my sleepy and shocked state, all I could think of was the movie Independence Day. At the time, I lived in Raleigh, NC and was terrified that since they had hit NYC and DC, they were moving down the coast and we'd be next.

I woke up my roommate and we watched TV all day. I remember a point when there was still one plane in the air, headed for Los Angeles, and calling my best friend from high school (who lives out there) until he picked up the phone (he was still asleep). In another odd twise, I watched the flight path of the plane that crashed in PA and saw that it had turned around over my hometown in Ohio. Some family friends actually saw what they think was the plane--as there are no major airports for 100+ miles around the town, a low-flying passenger jet was not common. So very eerie.

I also remember going out the next day to Barnes & Noble to pick up various newspapers, then going to the farmers' market just to be around regular people and see that life was going on as "normal."
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Jacksonville, NC
1566 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2006 :  2:46:58 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I was working night shift at AT&T running machines at the time. So I was asleep when everything happened. I always sleep with the bell for the phone off, esp at that time. Also have voice mail, so no answering machine. I got home somewhere around 7:30am and went straight to bed. I woke up somewhere around 1pm or so. Turned the TV on and then spent the next hour or so trying to figure out what in the world had happened that morning.
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2695 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2006 :  3:03:15 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I remember walking into work and the person at the courtesy booth had a portable radio trying to listen to the reports. I went back out to my car to listen to the radio there, Better reception. But I had to go back inside and carry on as usual. I work at a major grocery store and I was stunned to learn that they were already making plans for extra water, food, canned goods ect. All I could think is how mad I was that they were trying to make a buck, but I later realized they have a service to provide to all of us. And people did come in that day to stock up on supplys. I remember calling my hubby and being so scared becasue I live so far from work and just wanted to be with my family. I thank God eash and every day that we are all safe, but my heart aches for those who lost their loved ones. Especially the little children. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten!
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Star Contributor

Portland, Oregon
2339 Posts

Posted - 09/12/2006 :  3:25:06 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I was at work that day. We had a TV in the lunch room, which normally is only on during lunch time. That day the TV was on all day, and we all stood and watched it at various times, appalled at what we were watching. Most of us only 'worked' about half that day, while watching TV and/or talking about what was happening the rest of the day.

Happily shopping the Portland, Oregon metro area!
~MSPA *Gold* Certified, 2003~
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Star Contributor

Middletown, PA
382 Posts

Posted - 09/12/2006 :  6:17:43 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I was working that morning and I was trying to reach one of my customers who's office was located only a few blocks from the WTC. I was wondering why he wasn't answering when I heard the news. We all spent the rest of the day huddled in a hallway watching the only TV in the plant. I remember watching the first tower burning and wondering how rescue crews were going to reach the people on the top floors when we saw the second plane hit. We were all still gathered around, in shock when the first tower fell.The whole time, all I kept thinking was, "Oh my God, all those people! This can't be happening." My husband called in a panic, he was picking up the kids from daycare and going home. I ended up leaving a little early that day too since most of my customers were in the New york City, North Jersey area and every one who had made it to work was as out of sorts as I was. No work was getting done that day.
A few days later when I finally talked to my NYC customer, he told me that he had seen BOTH planes hit the towers from his office window. He was one of the people who had to walk home to NJ over the bridge. It was so good to hear his voice and know he was safe!

MSPA Gold n4fxv4 -Shopping South-Central PA
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Star Contributor

4831 Posts

Posted - 09/10/2007 :  03:45:56 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I was teaching. It was a dilemma, trying to keep a class positive and normal while stepping out as often as possible to see what was going on. The Pennsylvania plane probably did fly over us. And then, when the time came, how do you explain it to ten year olds? What a horrible day.

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Star Contributor

Atlanta, GA
50247 Posts

Posted - 09/10/2007 :  05:59:52 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Home and happened to turn on the news right after the first plane hit, when they were speculating that it was a small plane. So, I got sit thru all the gruesome stuff that followed.
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Star Contributor

Lugoff, SC
2507 Posts

Posted - 09/10/2007 :  7:20:13 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I was home recovering from foot surgery and had just sat down with my morning cup of coffee and turned on "Good Morning America." It was the usual chatter and then suddenly the hosts had odd expressions and were trying to convey that something terrible had just happened at one of the Twin Towers. Within minutes, I knew this day was going to be one to remember.

My husband was rushing around trying to get out of the house to catch a business flight to Richmond, VA. I screamed at him to stop and come look at the TV. Once we both realized what was happening, and that our world would never be the same again, he called his boss, and said he was not going near the airport even if it cost him his job.

The boss was not pleased, but by the end of the day, had to concede the airport would have been closed anyway.

We were living in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at the time.

May we never forget and may we never cease praying for our country and those who serve and die to keep us free.

Karan now residing in the Palmetto State
{Shopping Columbia and surrounding Richland and Kershaw Counties}
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Star Contributor

Lake Placid, NY
277 Posts

Posted - 09/14/2007 :  7:41:36 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I walked into the kitchen of an elderly couple I worked for and saw it on tv!! I had heard something on the radio but it was not very good reception. I was in shock but finished my work there then went home to make many, many phone calls along with millions of people!
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1929 Posts

Posted - 09/15/2007 :  06:04:11 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I was watching the Price Is Right on the Game Network Channel, when my mom called and asked if I had heard. I flipped to Fox News and stayed glued to the tv wondering if more attacks were coming, and debating whether to pick my kids up from school.

Exchanges Rock! Let's Do Another
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