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 Mystery Shopping
 Feedback Requested: ICU Associates Inc
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Valued Contributor

Evansville, IN
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Posted - 02/08/2011 :  09:36:00 AM  Visit Ms.Baker's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
HI there...

Yesterday, I was sent to a wrong address... or rather a bad location of a business who is in the process of moving from one bad address to another bad address. I spent an hour trying to figure out which location was the shop.

I did sent a "hot" email to your scheduler Caitlyn... who simply replied with a notice of the right address. What a pity that you have people who are so high in life that they can't apologize when the mistake is yours.

I declined the shop... and I don't plan on asking for any others. Your scheduler doesn't seem to have any consideration for shopper's time. Time is money for shoppers... and I lost money on your company and that shop because of the negligence of your scheduler.

To other shoppers.... beware... your time isn't important with this company.

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Milford, MA
1 Posts

Posted - 02/10/2011 :  1:47:07 PM  Visit DavidJohnston's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
Ms. Baker,
May I first apologize for our inability to provide you with an adequate shop assignment. Although we continuously work with our clients to obtain the most recent store listings, there are unfortunate occassions where we may not have the most recent store lists.

Our shopper instructions should provide best practices to confirm active locations, including a pre-visit phone call. We understand that your time is of value and we do not seek to waste your time.

Finally, I will review with our schedulers the process of communicating "hot" emails. I can ensure you that Caitlyn's intention was to provide you with information quickly.Some times in one's effort to provide information quickly, communication may be shortened and missing certain courtesy.

I hope that you would re-consider your intentions of not working with our company in the future. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this matter further.

David Johnston
ICU Assocaites
a division of LP Innovations, Inc.
877-574-6682 x1510
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15 Posts

Posted - 06/21/2011 :  3:47:52 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I'm having trouble getting paid for a bonused shop that I completed in APRIL.

I completed my first shop for this MSC on April 22nd, and I was suppose to be paid $8 + $2 (purchase reimbursement) + $15.00 bonus for a total of $25.00. On June 10th I only received a paypal payment of $10.00. I immediately emailed them (June 11th), and on June 14th, I received a response from Jacquelyn. She said that the person who handles payments is out of the office but he would get back with me sometime the following week.

Finally today, June 21st, I received an email from Caitlyn stating that they would send me the rest of my payment on JULY 15th!! I stated in my original email that I expected payment ASAP, so I don't how they could think that waiting another month is even remotely reasonable...considering it was THEIR mistake.

I responded back and explained that this is unreasonable and I want my payment sent right away. I received a response from Caitlyn stating that she submitted a request for this and will keep me posted. So now I guess I'm sitting in limbo waiting to see when I might get paid from a shop I completed two months ago.

I was also a little surprised that I haven't received one apology from them. I received the cordial "we're looking into your claim", and "thank for for alerting us of this oversight", but no apology.

I've completed hundreds of shops with many different companies and have not run into a payment problem like this until now. Have any other shoppers had any recent experiences with this company (either positive or negative)? I noticed that alot of the prior (older) feedback was negative. I'm thinking about deactivating my account. Thanks in advance for any feedback or advise from other shoppers!
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Nicole P.
Valued Contributor

141 Posts

Posted - 06/22/2011 :  02:06:03 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
ICU is one of my favorite companies to work for. You may have different experiences, but mine is that they pay promptly, and I have never ever had any questions on my reports, and often get offered shops at last minutes for good bonuses, and right in my area, to boot.

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Star Contributor

Schaumburg, IL
317 Posts

Posted - 12/16/2016 :  08:07:28 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
While distributing Christmas gifts, words of praise are also in order for those that deserve them and ICU does deserve them! Their instructions are clear, they offer fair fees and bonuses and they pay so promptly! Thank you, ICU!

MSPA Gold Certified
Shopping domestic and international locations since 2003
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Sharon in West Lake

West Lake, TX
27 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2017 :  10:17:47 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Shops for this company provide me with many of my holiday gifts every year.

My experience has been the same as Nicole and PamBam. After many assignments and reports completed, I have never had one denied, never gotten additional questions from the editor, and continue to be paid right on schedule.


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