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 A Mystery Shopper's wish list.
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Star Contributor

Tampa, FL
1352 Posts

Posted - 12/13/2003 :  7:13:49 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
To Santa's MS elves (AKA schedulers) I have been a VERY good girl this year.
My MS Christmas wish list:
1. Ample lead time to schedule my shops. Please do not post jobs with a due date 3 days away. I really really want to take some of these cool shops, and would be happy to if I could do so without having to make a special trip. I like to schedule multiple shops for the same area.
2. Clear concise directions. Please do not expect me to print out 17 pages of documents for a $15.00 job. Do not busy up the directions with cutsie fonts requiring me 2 hours to cu, paste and resize so I can fit them on a 2 page document.
3. Do not expect me to go out to dinner, have 2 drinks at the bar, a glass of wine at the table and enjoy a sumptious dinner then go home at 10:00PM ready for bed, and require me to put together a 3 page narrative that makes sense, due within 12 hours of dinner. Give me enough time to get a good night's sleep, trust that I have taken notes and can put it together with fewer errors if given time to do so and following a good nights rest.
4. Treat me as a professional. Do not just hire every person on the web that lives in my area, give them jobs I have proven myself capable of completing, then call me at the last moment to pick them up because they have flaked and you "need my expertise". I understand rotation requirements, I do not understand flooding the market.
5. Pay me fairly for the quality work I complete. Do not lower my pay because you are having difficulty with others not completing the job correctly the first time around.
6. If you DO have an emergency and you DO need it done immediately, DO offer a token bonus. Even if only $5.00 it shows you recognize that I have gone out of my way to assist you and that you appreciate it.
7. If I need help, please make certain I have a way to contact you or someone who can give me the answers I need. I will do my very best to take care of things without bothering you, but if I do need you, please acknowledge my message as quickly as possible. If I make a wrong decision, please let me know calmly and allow me an opportunity to correct it without putting me on the defensive.
8. Recognize my value and acknowledge my contributions occasionally. I DO accept my payment as a pat on the back for a job well done, but an occasional "thanks-great job" or "I know I can always count on you" goes an extremely long way!
So...Anyone else? Have you been naughty or nice?


39 Posts

Posted - 12/13/2003 :  7:28:01 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Great list, Martee. I would like a few more hours in the day.

MSPA Gold Certified
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Jules in Boston
Star Contributor

Boston, MA
1492 Posts

Posted - 12/13/2003 :  8:21:57 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
1. Please…when posting a job on your company's web site…..please include real information....not a general “gas shop”. We need dates, times, locations and yes....pay rate!

2. Please schedulers, do not hold it against us if you call us at 8pm and tell us a job needs to be done by the morning and we have to decline. Many of us have children and we can’t just get babysitting services that quickly.

3. ok…..be honest and don’t tell us “It’s a real simple shop!!!’”. We will be pissed if we have to get 10 names and descriptions, have to visit 8 different departments, write narratives describing how we felt appreciated as customers- yadda yadda yadda.-all for $12

4. Remember the shoppers who helped you out in a bind when you schedule the real prime jobs. We appreciate being remembered.

5. Most of us understand what a tough job it is scheduling so many shops and getting bombarded by emails and phone calls from clients and shoppers. We appreciate the challenging job you do.

Shopping Boston, MA and metro area.
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Valued Contributor

Los Angeles, CA
147 Posts

Posted - 12/13/2003 :  11:06:10 PM  Send PamelaS an AOL message  Reply  Reply with Quote
I tried to be a good shopper . . .

I wish I had a fireplace to burn this coal in.

Shopping Los Angeles and Orange Counties. MSPA Gold Certification: 3qangd
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Star Contributor

530 Posts

Posted - 12/13/2003 :  11:08:41 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
WOWEE Martee! I am glad you got that off your chest!

Happy Holidays Darlin'! Ya know I love ya!!

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Star Contributor

Deep in the heart of, TX
3770 Posts

Posted - 12/14/2003 :  06:02:35 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote

You go girl! The only thing I can add is:

Please make sure the shop addresses are current, that the shops are open during the times we are scheduled to do the shops, and that the staff you want us to shop still work there.

Gold certified in TX
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Valued Contributor

Sealy, TX
166 Posts

Posted - 12/14/2003 :  07:28:08 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
When I read the title of the article I was thinking things - I guess I have done too much Christmas shopping!! I like your list Martee, but want to add a few of things of my own -- including gadgets!:

Here is my list for

An ISP that never fails (even with cable modem I have had outages!)
A pocket pc and all of the software I need to make me more efficient
The wisdom to press the delete button on those below average shops
Children that never get sick
A great parking space at the mall
Babysitters that never cancel
Intuition on when my favorite self assign sites are posting
Have every employee wearing a legible nametag that can be read from 5 feet away
A fool proof memory
An e-mail box overflowing with great offers this new year
Oh, and , Please send one to each of my MS friends too!

Gold Certified, CCSE
Small Town TX
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Valued Contributor

Mobile, AL
233 Posts

Posted - 12/14/2003 :  09:15:59 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
OK, y'all. I've been reading this thread over and over. I start to post, then delete it. Here goes-

I am so very thankful for the friends I've made form ms'ing-shoppers and schedulers. My msing career has come close to an end twice, once from burnout and once from a serious illness. I am thankful that I was able to stick it out and continue to do something I REALLY LOVE.

Now, what I want for Christmukkah:

I WANT an awesome digital camera. I want a computer desk that offers ample writing room. I want a new battery for the laptop so it doesnt have to be plugged in for use.

Away from material things:
I want schedulers to know that they are very much appreciated. I also want companies/schedulers to know that I may not LIKE the pay changes from shop to shop, but I UNDERSTAND why the pay rate changes. (Face it folks, this is business!!). I want Ray to know that I think he is an awesome person, and I am so thankful for his hard, never ending work on this site.

* I want shop dates that extend to more than 2 days.
* I want a flawless email system.
* I want checks in the mailbox EVERYDAY!
* I want my email address to not be sold or shared (except with other MS companies).
* When I must buy a specific item on a shop, I want it to be reimbursed.
* I want better gas mileage.
* I want the best, most accurate mapping software.
* I want more hours of daylight!

* Most of all, I want all of us to have a happy, safe and healthy holiday season.

I love you guys!!!!

PS-I am also thankful for the capture of insane hussein! (I meant to use lowercase letters. He doesn't deserve to be made important!)

Serving the coast of AL, North West FL, MS and inland areas
MSPA Gold Certified Shopper
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415 Posts

Posted - 12/14/2003 :  10:24:56 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by DrewAndWendi

Now, what I want for Christmukkah:

Ah, the guilty pleasures of THE O.C.

Anyway, add for me, please, the ability to send all schedulers an email, "I will be in XYZ city on the *th of the month. Please give me all the shops you've got there to make the trip worth my while."

MSPA Gold Certified uwjrsy
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Star Contributor

267 Posts

Posted - 12/14/2003 :  10:25:52 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote

Thank you. That's all I want.
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Valued Contributor

Lake Mary, FL
155 Posts

Posted - 12/14/2003 :  6:46:42 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Holiday Thanks!!!

I am thankful for Mystery Shopping that allows me the opportunity to actually work from home via the Internet.

I am thankful for my kitty cat who thinks his place is lying on top of my arm as I ty[e...

I am thankful for MS companies who use my services more than once a year dispite giving me a 10 on my lone report.

I am thankful for the many friends I've met on Volition. It's been great having intelligent folk to debate topics with.

Lastly, I am thankful for Ray...for without Ray...there would be no Volition and no "US".....

GOLD Certificate hxxy4v shopping Orlando, Winter Park, Sanford, Lake Mary, Orange City, Deltona, Deland, Oviedo, Altamonte Springs, FL
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Burnsville, MN
144 Posts

Posted - 12/14/2003 :  6:59:26 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I guess I just have to add to the list:
My MS Christmas list is as follows:
* A store at the mall that is easy to roll my stroller through.
* To be able to find out who shops that store and resturant that I have be really wanting.
* A long term assignment that I actually want.
* I would love to not get lost in the bunch of shoppers in my area. I always get, "Oh yes you are in our database and it shows your report was good and throughal, I don't know why we have not contacted you again."
* A way to change your contact information with the companies without going to 100 websites and calling schedulers when you know they do not have time to update your file because they just had 10 shoppers flake on them !!!

I know that this list might seem like I am complaining but I just got home from a five hour marathon at the mall and found nothing I wanted to buy for presents, so I am frusterated!

Shopping Minnesota
Gold Certified lmfgsr
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Star Contributor

Rapid City, SD
845 Posts

Posted - 12/14/2003 :  7:37:38 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
For my Christmas list I would like

1. More jobs in the New Year
2. All my jobs to stop going to my Bulk folder (just figured that out today...who knows how many shops I have missed out on)
3. A little better pay on the shops that take 16 pgs to print out.
4. All the free ink I can handle for my printer.
5. Schedulers to see my name and remember I shop South Dakota.

Silver Shopper ID# 3akxzg Shopping Rapid City South Dakota and surrounding areas!
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Valued Contributor

230 Posts

Posted - 12/15/2003 :  09:42:13 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I would like to add to one already listed. Not only to update the address' of the shops given out, but if the shop has moved and is located, to be paid for doing the shop. I don't want to be 60 miles away from home and find that the shop has moved and I am supposed to call the company to ask if I can still do the shop and it's now after hours. MS companies please have current accurate address'!!!

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Central Valley, CA
69 Posts

Posted - 12/15/2003 :  3:46:57 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
My Christmas list:

1) To make it safe and sound back home to Canada this week..with hopefully minimal snow (California here I now hate the snow).

2) Schedulers who will leave a message on my voicemail (sometimes I just can't answer the phone while in class, or on a shop).

3) The ability to find out who shops my favoriate stores and restaurants.

4) The flakes to finally quit and move on to something else so we all stop getting called with last minute jobs.

5) Better pay for shops that require printing a gazillion pages, filling out a long report, remembering a bunch of names, and have a low reimbursement.

6) Free printer ink (I'm seconding a previous posters wish)

A big shout out to Ray! Without this website I probably would not have made as much as I did in the past couple of months, and probably would have been so frustrated with nowhere to turn for answers. THANKS!

Have a safe and happy holidays everyone! Drive safe, fly safe, and be safe.

Naomi - Newly Silver Certified and Shopping Central Valley, CA
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Nashville, TN
87 Posts

Posted - 12/17/2003 :  6:19:44 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I have enjoyed reading this list and agree with most of the items for all of us that undertake this noble profession. My wish is not quite so noble and a little selfish because what I want is for me (don't think there would be enough of these to go around, but we can all keep our fingers crossed!)
*******I want one of those coveted cruise ship shops (doesn't have to be a long one, a short one will do), and included in the package would be airfare to the port, all the little incidentals and other charges I have heard about popping up, any and all taxis fees, tips for cabbies, baggage handlers, etc, etc., money enough to shop all the stores on the ship and at any port when docked, money for a wardrobe to wear on the cruise for me and my husband and last but not least lodging for my two adorable and spoiled rotten pooches. The money would be provided up front so there would not be any out of pocket expenses of money which I do not have, the time frame would be of my choosing and the report would not be due until one week after returning home and basking in the afterglow. Why would I dare ask for this job? Because my husband I have been married 26 1/2 years and other than a really botched attempt at a delayed honeymoon we haven't been anywhere other than Gatlinburg (just a 2 hour drive)and are seriously in need of a major vacation to make up for years of going without. So, if all you kind, generous, loveable schedulers (and Santa!!) can put your heads and resources together and leave this under my tree I promise I will do a top notch report on the cruise, take all the s*** shops you want to throw my way (even if the deadline is 10 minutes from now)turn in all reports on time (maybe even early), not complain about anything, and do your bidding for the year of 2004. There is plenty of room under my tree (or would be if I ever get the time to put it up)and I am eagerly looking forward to finding this present under it!

Kristil Lyle- MSPA Gold Certified Mystery Shopper #t2ax2m
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Star Contributor

484 Posts

Posted - 12/17/2003 :  7:36:10 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Okay schedulers, never mind Santa, I am much more reasonable than others but I wont mention any names. I have already signed up for 2 cruises. I have paid for 2 air fares, 2 cruises for 2 and have all the money for the extras set aside. My deal is for Christmas if you take care of 1/2 those expenses I am your shopper. Will be in San Juan Puerto Rico March 13th to board the Dawn Princess, you can reach me through email here up until that date. Thanks for the Christmas present it will be the best one yet.

And to all my shopper buddies

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a shop filled 2004

MSPA Silver Certified and trying to get Lori to put a course on the Dawn Princess in March, come on MSPA we can do it.
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Barbara N.CA
Star Contributor

San Francisco, CA
2397 Posts

Posted - 12/18/2003 :  01:32:54 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Adding to the wish list:

1. a better sense of direction (what I've got is the stuff nightmares are made of);

2. ALL schedulers and editors observe basic rules of civility and the Golden Rule;

3. schedulers and companies who love me to offer me regular assignments or routes (I don't know how to ask).

MSPA Gold Shopper since June, 2003.
MSPA 2005 "Go To" Shopper
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Hood River, Oregon
78 Posts

Posted - 12/01/2004 :  06:39:24 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
These are some wonderful posts. I would love to hear from some of the schedulers on what their wish lists would be. Anyway, here are a few of mine:

1. A new laptop. I would love to just put all my shops onto the lap top and take them with me. It would sure save a few trees.

2. Unlimited supply of free ink or at the least a major discount on the ink.

3. Shops that take at least 15 minutes to complete but no more than 45 minutes to complete should pay more than 5 dollars.

4. More financial shops. Boy howdy do I love those!

5. A digital recording device so I can take those wonderful shops that require them.

6. To magically lose 75 pounds so I can take those video mystery shops that require a shirt and camera.

No, I wasn't a good girl this year. But I tried.

I hope both all my fellow shoppers and our schedulers have a very happy and safe holiday season.

Gold Certified in Hood River.
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Palatka, FL
28 Posts

Posted - 12/01/2004 :  07:14:26 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
All of your suggestions are what I would have on my list also. Martee, great job on the post.
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Star Contributor

Rapid City, SD
845 Posts

Posted - 12/01/2004 :  08:15:18 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
All I would like is a faster than 90-120 day turn around for paychecks, so I am not hunting months back in my spreadsheets to mark them as "paid."

Silver Shopper ID# 3akxzg Shopping Rapid City South Dakota and surrounding areas!
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