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 Mystery Shopping
 A Mystery Shopper's wish list.
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Star Contributor

Lugoff, SC
2507 Posts

Posted - 12/01/2004 :  12:34:13 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Santa please give me:

(1) 2005 shops that take me to sunny climates by boat, train, or airplane;
(2) Payment from schedulers in the committed time frames with check stubs that post the job date and order for easy accounting;
(3) DSL for all my mystery shop companies so I don't have to fall asleep trying to pull up their very s-l-o-w-w-w-w web pages;
(4) Real human contact at my mystery shop companies for the 11th hour emergencies on my shops;
(5) More bonuses and fair pay for detailed shop instructions;
(6) A spy camera, a wireless mike, digital camera, and laptop to increase my shopping opportunities;
(7) A safe and happy shopping year to all my schedulers and co-shoppers as well as for me.

Oh and Santa if you've got room in that big ole bag of yours, slip George Clooney under my tree!

Merry Ho! Ho! Ho!

Karan now residing in the Palmetto State
{Shopping Columbia and surrounding Richland and Kershaw Counties}
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.Terra A.

Franklin, TN
24 Posts

Posted - 12/01/2004 :  8:46:31 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
All I would like for Christmas... (is there a limit )
1. To make MORE than 500.00 in a month!
2. To have a couple schedulers who call me first when great shops become available - because if it is worth it, I will do it!
3. A all day spa shop
4. LOVE the FREE Ink Idea! Maybe FREE paper too!!!
5. A new printer - I believe mine is just plain worn out.
6. A Blackberry where I could get email from schedulers.
7. To be notified when each self assign company is posting new shops in my area
8. A Magic Wand and a personal Fairy Godmother!!!

I know the last one is way out there but maybe I will get the rest -who knows. Thank goodness for the spirit of the holidays.

Terra Anderson
Silver Certified in TN
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Star Contributor

Portland, Oregon
2339 Posts

Posted - 12/02/2004 :  12:31:59 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
In addition to everything else already listed, I would like a voice response system that automatically fills in the blanks of all my reports simply by me stating the word(s) to be input. This includes all narrative (long-winded or not), which of course will be input with perfect grammar, punctuation and spelling, so I don't have to edit it to make sure it's perfect. I'd like this voice response system to be automatically attached to my brand new Christmas laptop that I can take with me everywhere, with a battery that will never die.

Oh, and please DON'T let this voice response system work the same way Microsoft Word does . . . I don't want technology telling me what I want to write, and changing what I know is correct.

That should do it for me!

Happily shopping the Portland, Oregon metro area!
~MSPA *Gold* Certified, 2003~
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Sandra Wright
Star Contributor

Arlington, VA
2087 Posts

Posted - 12/02/2004 :  05:14:34 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Great Post idea Martee. I have been a good girl most of the time.

What I want on my wish list is:
1. Min shop pay $20.00 for any shop
2. Purchases without returns that let you spend up too $100.00 and keep what you bought then reimburse you for it.
3. On more perminent rotation lists.
4. When I check for a job that I get an email for that it is always still there.
5. ten questions tops on any report.
6. All shops just 5 miles from my house.

Sandy C
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Andrea P
Star Contributor

Wheatley Heights, New York
556 Posts

Posted - 12/02/2004 :  1:40:05 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
All I want is a shop where I can be fully reimbursed for a 17 inch plasma TV. Yeah, I know.... I'm hallucinating. Hey, a gal can dream, can't she

Realistically though, I will settle for a spa shop.

MSPA Gold Shopper # 63irfm
Shopping Suffolk & Nassau Counties; Manhattan; Queens; Brooklyn, New York and Bergen County, New Jersey
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Star Contributor

Western, Washington
1889 Posts

Posted - 12/02/2004 :  10:21:23 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
All I want for Christmas is to find a company that
* is as predictable as Service Intelligence,
* has schedulers as caring as Kern,
* is as interesting as Ritter,
* pays as quickly as Mystique,
* is as loyal as Bestmark,
* reimburses as well as Consumer Critique,
* is as upfront and honest as Trendsource,
* pays as well as Mintel,
* has as intuitive a website as Feedback, and
* loves only me, me, me

“Great empires are not maintained by timidity.” Tacitus
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Valued Contributor

Kansas City, MO
177 Posts

Posted - 12/03/2004 :  03:44:27 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
* Schedulers that respond within 24, or even 48 hours, if the shop isn't self-assign

* Schedulers to all use SASSIE, or to at least send a notification that you didn't get the shop, rather than no news being bad news; and for fewer companies to be "we'll call you if we need someone" rather than telling me they don't need shoppers in my area

* One extra hour every day before sleep deprivation kicks in

* To be on more schedulers' ultra-dependable lists (because I am!)

* For more companies to post where they actually have shops before I fill out yet another tedious application (because the MSPA list doesn't work all that well in that regard)

* To somehow miraculously find out who shops just a few more places that I'd like to eat or shop, or the patience to wait until that eventually happens!

MSPA Gold Certified
Shopping Kansas City metro area, Northern Missouri, San Francisco and Washington, DC
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Valued Contributor

172 Posts

Posted - 12/03/2004 :  10:39:34 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
My Christmas wish list:

- To always have at least 24 hours after shop completion to fill out the reports (for those days when I don't get home until late and really need sleep before inputting reports).

- Shop instructions that print up in 4 pages or less, or at least that tell me how many pages it will be before I start printing!

- More shops! Especially more bonus shops! (Last minute is okay!)

- To always have at least a 2-3 day time frame in which to complete a shop (unless it's last minute). After all, it is winter here and snow does happen!

- The companies that have the once-a-month shops in a town 45 miles away would coordinate and schedule them at the same time, so I don't have to either pass them up or make two trips to a town I never visit for any other reason!

- A digital camera, digital voice recorder, free ink/paper/cell phone!

- Did I say "more shops" yet?

Have a great holiday season, and a Happy New Year!


Shopping Central WI
MSPA Silver Certified
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Regina F

South Bend, IN
78 Posts

Posted - 12/04/2004 :  03:57:56 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I'm pretty easy, I just want every employee I interact with to have their names tattooed on their foreheads in BIG letters so that the sweater/jacket that they are wearing on top of their uniform obscuring their nametag doesnt matter. Oh, and the name should be in BIG letters on the back of their shirt/jacket/sweater as well so that if they have bangs I can still see the name

MSPA Silver Certification 8me3rm
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Mission Hills, CA
34 Posts

Posted - 12/04/2004 :  07:11:26 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
After handwriting a 13 page report yesterday and faxing it to the company, I would like to suggest that this great company move into the modern age and give us shoppers the capability to enter our reports on the internet, or at least, type them on the computer and email them. My poor hand is sore from all that writing!
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Star Contributor

Helen, GA
333 Posts

Posted - 12/04/2004 :  09:16:39 AM  Visit KarenSE's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
What I want for Christmas is for all schedulers who work for companies that shop places I want to shop but have not found who shops them yet, to call ME and let me know so I can sign up with those companies. So, here is my want list:
Red Lobster
Joe's Crab Shack
Pizza Hut
Circle K
Lane Bryant
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Barnes & Noble
Hobby Lobby
J C Penney's
Old Navy
Fashion Bug
Smoothie King
Thank you Santa!

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Hood River, Oregon
78 Posts

Posted - 12/07/2004 :  9:41:27 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I have an additional request for Santa Claus:

I want to mystery shop Saks on Fifth Avenue.
I want to shop Mercedes Benz.

I want 24 hour days to be changed to 48 hour days so I can get more shops in.

Oh and I want to meet all my scheduler's personally so I can give em all a big hug.

Gold Certified in Hood River.
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Phoenix, AZ
85 Posts

Posted - 12/07/2004 :  10:25:44 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
To all, I only want happiness back in my life for Christmas. It's gone and sure doesn't show signs of coming back anytime soon. If anyone knows where some extra happiness is hanging around, please give me the location as I haven't been able to find it. Consistent work would be great as keeping busy keeps my mind on work.
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Valued Contributor

Montreal, Quebec
112 Posts

Posted - 12/08/2004 :  04:28:48 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
As for my Chanukah wish list, a cell phone with a digital camera would be nice! So would a lack of confusion when I cruise the sites of the various cell phone purveyors, so I can make up my mind!

And to everyone on Volition, Virtual Latkes!!!

Silver certified, shopping the Greater Montreal area!
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Star Contributor

Bourbonnais (S. of Chicago), IL
2015 Posts

Posted - 12/08/2004 :  06:13:35 AM  Visit Heather86's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
All I want is for it to be OVER! I am so busy right now it is rediculous. So of course I have to come on Volition just to keep some sanity.

I finally got one of those beautiful hair/spa shops and squeezed it in. After paying $121 my hair doesn't look much different. Where are my highlights, they match my natural hair color?
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Star Contributor

Fairfax, VA
1198 Posts

Posted - 12/08/2004 :  08:47:55 AM  Send KellyBear an AOL message  Reply  Reply with Quote
I would, first and foremost, like to mystery shop Chipotle since I eat there 3 times a week anyways. I would also like:

* More reveal casual dining shops so there is no money out of pocket!
* To actually find fast food shops in my area... I get them for the southern part of the state all the time, but this girl isn't driving 4 hours for a burger and fries!
* A few extra hours on those fax deadlines... I can't get to work before 8:30 in the morning!
* More shops in general! I start grad school next month, so perhaps I will have different kinds of free time to take the odd shops I haven't been able to take!
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80 Posts

Posted - 12/09/2004 :  1:43:01 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I have been a very good girl (part of the time...)

*A second chance with a company who I got a 7 for my first report...
*To know in advance when my favorite company posts shops.
*Free ink and paper too!
*That spa shop that some lucky shopper got!
*Clear directions on all my shop instructions.
*Pay that is worth the shop.
*More clothing shops, and I don't mean the purchase/return...

Merry Christmas!
P.S. A little snow in Southern California on Christmas morn... hehe
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Lenoir City, TN
72 Posts

Posted - 12/12/2004 :  5:02:23 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Dear Mystery Santa,

What I want for Christmas is for mystery shopper sites to make it easy to print reports for review! The mystery companies want perfect reports, and I want to give them to them! However, the only way to do that is to print out and review, review, review. BUT most of the companies I shop for make it so hard to print your work. You either have to print a page at a time, or sometimes you can't print at all. Even those which print a page at a time don't show all your text you've entered in a scroll down box. So, Santa, please ask the mystery companies to ask their web gurus to make 'print this report' an option. I promise to shred everything I print, as I do currently with every single shred of information I get from my mystery shopping companies. Thanks. I promise if you bring me this I will give all my mystery shopping companies great reports!

MSPA Gold Certified Shopper
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Heather C.
Valued Contributor

196 Posts

Posted - 12/23/2004 :  9:58:49 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Well, so far I've had one of my Christmas wishes come true in the form of a new laptop with ultra-highspeed Internet. Yeah!

But I would also like the following for 2005:

1)A wireless card so I can take my laptop with me on shopping assignments and enter my reports immediately after I leave the stores/restaurants. It would also help me check for more ms jobs while I'm on the road.

2)A printer/scanner/fax/photocopier--a portable one if possible

3)One of those cool new cell phones with built-in digital/video cameras

4)Free postage stamps for all the receipts that have to be mailed in

5)A new car and free gas to help me get to my shopping destinations

6)More restaurant, bookstore, spa, hotel, and cruise assignments in my area, with generous shopper fees and reimbursements of course!

7)A one-stop SASSIE website that lists all the ms companies I work for and the jobs available in my area

8)A deadline that extends to more than 24 hours

9)Helpful comments from editors explaining why they didn't give me a '10' on my reports

10)No more reports or shopper applications that require long narratives

11)More sales associates/servers who do their jobs properly and wear visible name tags with their real names clearly written in BIG letters

12)To attend a Gold-Certified workshop in Hawaii or some other exotic location

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Valued Contributor

Athens, TN
150 Posts

Posted - 12/24/2004 :  05:13:40 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
What I want for Christmas is to get a new laptop or at least get the money back I spent on one that didn't work (sent back for refund that hasn't arrived). I was so looking forward to that laptop
Then again I wish I could mystery shop the place I ordered my laptop from too.

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