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 Discount Dental Plans
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Harrisburg, PA
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Posted - 02/26/2010 :  03:28:44 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I just wanted to share an experience I had. I have a regular full-time job with benefits as well as mystery shopping. I don't know how many folks here are same as me. With my company's benefits they have these waiting periods on procedures. I've been with them for a year and a half and for a procedure I need done I'm still not eligible until May. I've been suffering all this time. Suddenly it hit me about discount dental plans. I called my dentist and asked them which discount dental plans they accept. There was a whole bunch of them. I went to google this weekend and just typed in my state and discount dental plans.

This one site came up that was a whole bunch of different ones, and it provided the names of different plans and even gave how much my out of pocket costs would be for dental procedures along with their codes. I started checking out different ones, and I compared the procedures I needed done and how much my out of pocket costs were going to be with each one.

The one that I picked my out of pocket costs were actually LESS than what they were for my Dental INSURANCE through my employer for $6.95 a month. It let me run a query on it to see if my dentist participates, and it said they did. I still didn't purchase it, I wanted to make sure and my dentist wasn't opened. I waited til Monday. I called my dentist and asked them if they accepted this discount dental plan. They said they did. I asked them if I could use both my companies insurance and the discount dental plan for things I had set up right away and for the procedure I was having to wait on May for, do I have to wait. They did coordinate both of them together, and they scheduled me for Tuesday coming up for the procedure I was going to have to wait until May for.

Now look at this. With my companies insurance program alone my out of pocket costs, thats how much I have to pay over and above what the insurance pays and after I'm eligible to have the work done was $3,200.

After having my brain storm and buying a discount dental plant for $6.95 a month, I went in last night and they gave me my new out of pocket costs. For everything is $1000 out of pocket. The procedure I was having to wait til May for, was going to be $500 out of pocket alone. My out of pocket costs for that procedure are now $0 yes ZERO and a procedure I was going to have to put off for a year because I didn't have the money I am getting done on next Tuesday also again for $0 ZERO out of pocket. I'm so ecstatic!!!! My life has been miserable waiting on insurance to kick in to allow me to have work done for a plan I've paid a year and a half on now with no benefits that is a lot more expensive than the discount dental plan.

I always was skeptical so I never did it, but just sheer desperation made me go check it out. Anyways, if you need dental work done, do the homework on discount dental plans and check with your dentist if they participate. It is so worth it. Anyway just wanted to share that cause I've waited needlessly and have paid money needlessly for procedures. These discount dental plans at least the one I picked has no wait time. I still dont even have my permanent card yet. I just went in there with a temporary paper ID i printed off the terminal.

Best Budget tool I've come across in forever.

Have a nice day.


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Houston, TX
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Posted - 07/18/2012 :  1:37:40 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Tamera, I once had one of these dental plans and they are great. My dentist told me that my cost was less with the dental plan than if I had insurance (which I did not at the time).

I now have a dental plan through my husband's work. I am actually tempted to get one of the dental plans again that you refer to but I don't think my present dentist will accept it. I am not really wanting to look for another dentist at this time so I might just go ahead and eat the charges for my bridge (my cost $3500).

MSPA Gold Certified
Happily shopping the Houston, TX area.
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Eau Claire, WI. 54703-1729
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Posted - 07/19/2012 :  05:49:15 AM  Send JudyK an AOL message  Reply  Reply with Quote
For a $3000 plus savings Id find a different dentist, doctor or whatever! That amount, or even less, is QUITE a savings. You did a great job researching Tamera. When I adopted a dog, a condition of the adoption was to have the animal spayed. Like you, I reached out to the internet and found a local vet clinic tht did the procedure $200 less than the one down the street. I compared auto insurance online and chose a new plan with a well known company saving me several hundred dollars a year for the identical plan with lower deductibles. Just this last week I went shopping locally looking for frozen cajun crayfish at the supermaket. At $17.95 a pound, I walked away. I went online and found I could purchase them for $5.95 a pound out of Louisiana. We ordered 50#, (no minimum amount was required) and shipping was only $17.00 The money we save is better in our pocket than lining someone else's.
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