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 Assurance Wireless FREE Cellphone Service & minutes/monthly.
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Michael P
Star Contributor

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
1052 Posts

Posted - 02/22/2011 :  11:47:46 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
A Worry-Free Way To Stay Connected
FREE Phone & 250 FREE Voice Minutes Each Month


This free service is available in 20+ states, for those who "qualify".

If you receive any government assistance, or your income falls into certain categories based on family size, you should qualify. Every state has different qualifying standards.

Florida qualifiers are ANY one of the following:
_ Medicaid
_ Food Stamps/SNAP
_ Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
_ Temporary Cash Assistance
_ Bureau of Indian Affairs Programs (BIA)
_ Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA) or Section 8
_ Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
_ National School Lunch Program’s Free Lunch Program

Or income falling below 135% of the Federal Poverty Level. ($14,000+ for an individual, more for families)

Definitely worth checking this out!

There is another topic I started about "Google Voice" and making free telephone calls using Google, saving my limited prepaid cell phone minutes.

Between these two, free phone service is now a reality if you live in a "magic" state.

There are two different companies for this program. I posted a different topic about "Safelink Wireless". The qualifiers appear the same, but the programs differ, so you should "comparison" shop them to see which is best for your needs.


Michael P

Michael P
Star Contributor

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
1052 Posts

Posted - 04/04/2011 :  06:02:31 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I thought I would update this message, since I've become a customer through their lifeline program.

I chose Assurance over Safelink only because of the 250 minutes per month. There is no banking or rollover of unused minutes.

After submitting my application, I was quickly approved. It than took almost a full month before I received the telephone. Their customer service number at times was difficult. They will not even begin to speak with you about delivery unless it has been 21 days from "approval" and you have not received your telephone. They claim they are unable to provide tracking information.

I finally did receive the telephone about 32 days after "approval". I set it up "online", or rather I tried to activate it online. Finally had to telephone, and spoke with a tech to "program" the phone. It was than activated and seemed to be "OK".

The phone is a Kyocera JAX. "Best" phone I've ever had, no camera, but it does have lot's of features. It can go online, text, email, etc, but those features do cost extra. They can also be turned off by the user to prevent accidental use. I also put a few dollars into my account in case I exceed my minutes. No cash balance, and your phone could "go dead" when you use your last minute until your reload date.

I found an issue and called tech support. As it turned out, the screen saver would pop up after 5-10 seconds, but to me it looked liked a glitch because it is so ugly. Red, black, blue, orange checkerboard. I called to find out "what was wrong". The tech and I "went through" some stuff, and he finally decided to send me a new telephone.

Later that day, after reading the manual again, I discovered the "problem". I telephoned CS to let them know not to send a replacement. The CSR could care less.

The downside to this was that I could not program my contacts (manually) until I got the new phone. Just too many of them. It took about 6 days via Fed Ex for the replacement to arrive. Also included was a prepaid priority mail mailer and invoice telling me that IF I fail to return the phone within 15 days, I would lose service and be billed for them both. I mailed it back next morning. :)

Coverage area is less than Safelink. Assurance is part of Virgin Mobile. It's more than large enough for my needs and expectations at this time of my life.

Prices for overage are 10 cents/minute. You can also "buy" a package with several to choose from.

I do like the phone.

The CSR's I spoke with, or emailed with questions are not knowledgeable about the phone. I also inquired about how to turn on the vibration ringer, and received an email saying there was none. I "found" it also, wrote back and told her she was misinformed and ignorant. BTW: Her reply took 3 days via email.

So, bottom line is I am/was very disappointed dealing with CS.
I do like some other features "online". You can change your telephone number once every 24 hours "free"! I was going to "port" my number, hated the one they gave me originally. Tried the change feature and got a "great" number, so I'm keeping it. :)

Like the phone features, once I learned them. But the manual is poorly written, and some things not listed in it or lacking instructions. Fortunately, I figured it out by playing with the "defective" phone alot while waiting for it's replacement.

Only had "service" for a couple days on the "new" phone, so can not speak to the other issues.

Overall, very satisfied so far with the hardware, not at all happy with CS.

I should be able to avoid them by using the web site, and probably will not need to contact them for a year, when it will be time to "renew" or "review" my eligibility.

Since the CS is/was a one time issue, I'd say that the extra minutes (250/month) make this a better plan for me.

Be sure to check the coverage map before deciding which company to choose. Safelink has a much larger coverage area.

That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it. :)

Hope this helps you to choose wisely.

Michael P
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Star Contributor

Philadelphia, PA
274 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2011 :  1:03:14 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I called Assurance Wireless for an application. I received it in less than a week. I immediately sent back the application with the requested documents and was approved the following week. I received the phone 4 days after approval (today) and activated it within 5 minutes.

My only concern is the phone and the buttons are really, really small. I'm going to need my reading glasses for this one!

Thanks Michael!
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Star Contributor

Philadelphia, PA
274 Posts

Posted - 12/15/2011 :  7:59:35 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I accidently (like I'd do this on purpose!) dropped my phone into the toilet yesterday. I bravely rescued it and a friend got it back to seeming working order but it would no longer hold a battery charge.
I called Assurance tonight and customer service was very helpful. My phone is still under warantee so they are sending me a new battery free of charge.
This is still a great phone for me. I never go over 250 minutes a month and I've never been caught in a "dead zone" either.

*** oop, check that. They sent me an email informing me they are sending a better model phone- a Kyocera Loft (low grade Blackberry)!
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Star Contributor

372 Posts

Posted - 12/17/2011 :  08:31:46 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I currently have a Safelink phone and I hate it. It took them three months of me having the service to finally fix the fact that the phone would not make outgoing calls. I am looking forward to switching to Assurance once it finally makes it to Arizona. My only concern is that since they use the Virgin network, which uses Sprint's network, I'll have the same crappy reception I have with Sprint. FYI the customer service for Safelink is as bad as reported with Assurance.

Silver Certified Shopper
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Linda F

35 Posts

Posted - 02/19/2012 :  1:28:51 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I have an Assurance phone. I am really amazed on how fast I was able to get it. I would say from the time I called for an application, to the time I received my phone was three weeks tops.
Yes it is just a basic cell phone. It is very small, no special features. The buttons are small, but its a free thing from the government.
I will say I have no problems with calls, getting or dropped. I have had mine for 9 months now. Still works fine.
I got in the mail the other day that my year is coming up and if I wanted to renew. I gladly accepted.

This is a good little phone for calls only, it is v ery nice little phone.

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Star Contributor

New York City, NY
293 Posts

Posted - 04/11/2013 :  4:00:49 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Last year, I applied for and received Lifeline service through Safelink. Safelink provides a total of 250 minutes, and all calls and texts apply against that (texts are considered one full minute). I tend to text fairly regularly and was always runnning out of minutes before the end of the month, and having to add more with either $10 or $20 if I had it. Biggest problem has been the sound quality of phone calls - the phone they gave me, a Samsung 1250, is a piece of junk. Their customer service is terrible, keeps you holding a very long time, and any calls to them are not free! Plus, I am always afraid of using up my minutes, so my family has been annoyed that I can never talk on the phone for very long anymore.

So, I decided to apply for Assurance. I was quite hesitant at first, because Sprint is not known for working very well in the city, but there was a time last year when I borrowed someone's Virgin Mobile phone for a few weeks and it worked fine and was consistent. And then a friend of mine told me he was happy with it. Now Assurance gives 250 mins of calls PLUS 250 texts -- and for only $5/month, I can double that!

I just found out I was approved and should receive my phone within a week. I will update again, after using it a bit, and will compare Assurance to Safelink. I am curious about being able to get on the web with it, and how that works, too. It has been a real bummer not to be able to do that with Safelink's phone, though I would only do it occasionally. So, we'll see!

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Star Contributor

Eau Claire, WI. 54703-1729
1349 Posts

Posted - 04/17/2013 :  1:09:24 PM  Send JudyK an AOL message  Reply  Reply with Quote
I just read this week the Federal government is not going to further support these low income 250 free minute programs any longer.I don't remember if a cut off date was mentioned. Also,the ONLY people that will be eligible for the extra text messaging special you speak of supposedly are those that have had their phones for awhile, and will not be available to new customers. Along with this information reported, was a bit about low incoming housing. Those presently receiving government assistance with the 30% of income housing will continue to do so, but again, new applicants, or those that have recently been approved, will not be eligible until sometime in 2014 when they propose to reinstate the program. The article said those newly approved will receive letters informing them. In our state people have to be receiving some kind of assistance whether it be food stamps, fuel assistance, be elderly, or some other low income assistance by the state, or Federal government in order to qualify for these phone programs. Both cell programs you describe were mentioned in the article.
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