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 Feedback Requested: Maritz (2)
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Bob Engleman
Star Contributor

Dayton, OH
370 Posts

Posted - 10/14/2016 :  05:59:01 AM  Visit Bob Engleman's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
A very minor situation occurred this year with Maritz; ONE supervisor was ignoring my request not to call me back with a counter fee. I finally mentioned that if it persisted, I would deactivate my account; that immediately solved the problem. As I always state the minimum for which I'm willing to work, a counter proposal is a complete waste of time for both parties.

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Star Contributor

Norwalk, CA
294 Posts

Posted - 10/15/2016 :  7:57:51 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Maritz has decent software system. Much appreciated that they stopped the duplication of receipt uploads. It is still a waste of time to fill out invoices. They know the shop was completed. It is just their way of hoping you forget so they don't have to pay you.

For me, the most irritating thing about Maritz is that they don't email. I don't want phone calls. If I call in, fine. But if I email, why are you calling with a response? You respond in the same way that the inquiry happened. Most of my "shop searching" time is late at night. I prefer being able to email (even text some schedulers), but with Maritz, this is not possible.

Maritz pays on time and has some good clients. Their business model seems antiquated. Especially when they call for shops that are self-assign as mentioned in a prior post. If people know and still don't want them, a phone call isn't going to convince them. $$$ will be the biggest incentive to get the shops scheduled.

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Sue Br.
Star Contributor

660 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2016 :  05:34:52 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I am very happy that Maritz now has direct deposit. So much easier. I would, however, like to have a list of the shops they are paying for like on the bottom of the check form they sent out before. I check off when a shop is paid and now if I have two shops with the same amount I don't know which on got paid and which one is on hold.

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Valued Contributor

142 Posts

Posted - 10/18/2016 :  10:47:33 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I'm glad that they stopped requiring to upload the receipt to the invoice. Now, if they would just stop requiring the invoice...

MSPA Silver Certified since 2004
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M Schipper

St Louis Park, Minnesota
29 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2016 :  08:49:18 AM  Visit M Schipper's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
I thought several months ago Maritz was developing something that shoppers could use to do reports and upload photos while at the location. I think it would have been something similar to MobiAudit. I also thought I read where someone on Volition was doing a beta test for the app. Any news on that?

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Fountain Hills, AZ
11 Posts

Posted - 11/14/2016 :  08:50:02 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Sue - To find out the details (including VisitId) for the shops paid via a direct deposit: On your Maritz home page, click on Direct Deposit Information. Then click on the green Payment History link. Then, in the table titled Direct Deposit Payment Detail, click on the row with the date of the deposit. Shops are listed showing VisitId, Client, shop date, Shop Fee, Product Purchase amount, Other Reimbursement and Total Reimbursement.

shopping in AZ, MD, and PA
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Valued Contributor

153 Posts

Posted - 02/02/2018 :  12:10:40 PM  Visit MarkFL's Homepage  Send MarkFL an AOL message  Reply  Reply with Quote
Is anyone else having issues with the green and white gas audit test? I have done huge routes for 10+ years and cant figure out for the life of me what I am doing wrong. I only have one more try before I am disqualified for the quarter. The system no longer tells you what you got wrong, and they aren't allowed to assist over the phone.
Any help would be much appreciated.

MSPA Gold Shopper and Professional Merchandiser.
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