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 Clothes Line vs Clothes Dryer
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Ray Sola
Volition.com Staff

Prescott, AZ
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Posted - 10/27/2014 :  3:54:52 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I prefer to let my clothes dry on a line or just laid out. Besides saving money on electricity, the clothes last longer. Dryers weaken the fabric’s fibers. And the lint in the dryer is fabric slowly wearing off of your clothes.

Here's some reading for those who do not line dry.

5 reasons to line dry your laundry

To Fight Global Warming, Some Hang a Clothesline

A Clothesline Will Save BIG Money, Energy and Carbon Emissions

Star Contributor

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Posted - 10/27/2014 :  11:10:40 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
We aren't allowed outdoor clotheslines here.

I have thought about an indoor line, but in my small place there just isn't a place to put it. In the winter, since I don't heat anything but the room(s) I actively use, I don't think it would be good for the clothing to be wet that long. Who knows that may be in the walls here.

I do hang dry my good lingerie in the shower. I do heat the bathroom in the winter.

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Star Contributor

Eau Claire, WI. 54703-1729
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Posted - 10/28/2014 :  06:38:46 AM  Send JudyK an AOL message  Reply  Reply with Quote
I too prefer to hang clothes out on the line winter, or summer. They smell fresh and look cleaner, and with a wind the wrinkles disappear. No ironing required. Maybe hanging things out IS the reason towels and sheets that were bought 25-30 years ago last so long.You get tired of looking at the same items year after year though! Lines in the basement, or the dryer, get used only on extremely cold, or rainy weather days. My former MIL always hung laundry outside, and neighbors used to compliment her on having the whitest whites, and they lived on a farm where things really got dirty.
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Marie In Chicago
Mega Contributor

Chicago, IL
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Posted - 10/28/2014 :  1:27:09 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I remember my mom hanging clothes out in the winter, the jeans looked like they could walk they were so stiff. And those wonderful clothes pin marks that were left on t-shirts.

Nothing like the smell of dried clothes flapping in the wind on a summer day though.
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Sue Br.
Star Contributor

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Posted - 10/17/2016 :  06:02:24 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I remember my mother handing clothes out, especially sheets and when I got in to them they were crispy and smelled so clean. I don't use fabric softener on my sheets hoping to get that crispy feel back but it doesn't work with a dryer. I miss my crispy sheets and my mother.

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Star Contributor

Western, Washington
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Posted - 10/27/2016 :  10:28:28 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Except for in July and August, the clothes just don't get dry here I cut costs in other places, but I need my dryer :-).

“Great empires are not maintained by timidity.” Tacitus
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