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 Mystery Shopping
 Gone 5 Years-Any Big Changes
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Star Contributor

Chicago Burbs, IL
365 Posts

Posted - 04/18/2017 :  3:03:11 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
I have been gone for about 5 years. I was silver certified and worked with quite a few companies. I think I am more nervous now than when I first started in 2006(?)

Any major changes with the most popular companies?? Dang, I had just better jump in and quit fidgeting!!

MSPA Silver
Happily shopping the Chicagoland area

Iron Chef Toni
Star Contributor

Plano, TX
456 Posts

Posted - 04/19/2017 :  1:27:36 PM  Send Iron Chef Toni an AOL message  Reply  Reply with Quote
Welcome back!

I've quit shopping. The pay just wasn't worth it. Also when I ex and I split up, it was difficult finding a decent partner for dining shops. He may have been a jerk sometimes but he was covert and gave me a full detailed report of the men's room condition so the client could not tell if the shopper was male or female.

I have started merchandising for one company part time and I really like it.

Gold certified in N. Texas
Now doing Merchandising!
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Bob Engleman
Star Contributor

Dayton, OH
351 Posts

Posted - 04/19/2017 :  2:11:15 PM  Visit Bob Engleman's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
The fees, since I began in April of 2003, have generally either remained the same or decreased; in addition, the work required has usually increased. As an example, I completed my first Kroger's shop in 2005 for $5 + $9 in food. Today, the report form is longer, but still pays the same, even though that amount has been affected my inflation. Why, you might ask: Supply and demand! I would not have the business any other way, as I am a dyed in the wool supporter of the free market system, but that does not mean I am willing to work for a pittance.

Today, 04/20, another change crossed my mind. In the beginning, it was not unusual for me to be given a week to complete a job. Now, though, some MSCs require I indicate a specific date AND that, for an eatery, I have a guest. At first, I tried to comply, but after three friends cancelled, which caused me problems, I decided I would not accept such work.

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Star Contributor

Norwalk, CA
273 Posts

Posted - 04/21/2017 :  11:04:18 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Hi Sherry,

Bob is correct. The pay has for the most part remained the same or decreased. It certainly has decreased with inflation factored in.

My observations are there are more shopping companies around now than 5 years ago. The companies that were awful 5 years ago, for the most part remain awful. The good companies still are good.

One observation, is that there are less MSC using Prophet software which is a beautiful thing. Prophet was awful. Better than some of these "home grown" systems, but when compared to Sassie, Prophet was heinous.

Another change is that MSC realize many people don't want to search a crapload of job boards since there are so many. So now you have the ISS platform that has multiple companies posting to the same site. That makes it much simpler to see quite a few of these jobs in one place. There are a couple of other "centralized" sites as well.

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