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 Late assigning by schedulers
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Schaumburg, IL
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Posted - 09/09/2017 :  12:13:12 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
There are a few companies who post jobs and let them sit on their boards for weeks. I know that I at least request them weeks in advance! Then I hear nothing until the day before the shop when I get it assigned and frequently have to reject it because I am then committed.

Why do schedulers do this? I have a great reputation with the ones that do it so it doesn't seem like they are just waiting for a better shopper - though maybe they are!

Thanks for any insight - I find it frustrating when it's a shop I really want.

MSPA Gold Certified
Shopping domestic and international locations since 2003

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Arlington, TX
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Posted - 09/11/2017 :  5:05:02 PM  Visit Alan-Texas's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
I'm with you on this one, Pam.

It doesn't happen to me much these days as most of the MSCs I deal with have either gotten better in this area or now allow experienced shoppers to self-assign shops. But when it was happening, I had two thoughts about why.

1) The schedulers for those shops had favorites and so they waited until the last minute to assign them to give their favorites a chance to sign up for all the ones they wanted.

2) The schedulers were using those shops, which were often popular shops to do, as rewards for those who helped them out with other shops. I know I've been the beneficiary of this a few times over the years.

I got burned on a last-minute approval once a few years ago. Ever since then, I've kept a list of the shops I applied for so I wouldn't forget about them as I filled in my schedule. As my scheduled fills up, or when it's only a couple of days before the shop is supposed to be done, I will go in and unapply from those shops.

Alan A.
MSPA Silver Certified
Shopping the Dallas / Ft. Worth area since 2005
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Dallas, TX
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Posted - 09/21/2017 :  09:35:50 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
This is probably my biggest pet peeve. I have a full time job and sometimes I have to request a day off in advance if I have a shop coming up. It really upsets me when a shop that I wanted is suddenly awarded to me the day before it is due. 9 times out of 10, I am either working my job, have other shops that conflict or have other plans made.
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Oak Forest, IL
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Posted - 09/23/2017 :  6:13:32 PM  Send JoAnna81 an AOL message  Reply  Reply with Quote
I just had a scheduler do this the other week. I really like the company but they assigned it to me the morning it was due! Luckily I was able to accommodate it that day but I remember thinking "Wow, what if I wasn't even in town because I didn't think I got the shop?"

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