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 Lower shop fees debate - Low Paying Shops
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Dallas, TX
63 Posts

Posted - 03/06/2017 :  10:54:44 AM  Reply  Reply with Quote
These days, I can't believe the lower fees. I'm especially surprised to see $2.00 offered for phone calls. It's been a long time since I did any phone shops and at that amount, there's no way. I feel sorry for the people that rely on phone shops. I suppose it's easier for me to turn my back on them since years ago, I did telephone research and I hate using the phone.
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Star Contributor

Western, Washington
1889 Posts

Posted - 03/06/2017 :  7:50:06 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Someone else brought up a good point. I hadn't thought about it this way before, but schedulers generally have a set pool for bonuses. If Jane and John shop 90/100 at the base rate, that leaves a LOT more for me to shop with a bonus. Considering that I made more in two days of cleanup last week than I had y-t-d, I'm thinking that when it's not cheaper across the board, low pay can be a good thing -- for those of us willing to drive to Egypt and back.

“Great empires are not maintained by timidity.” Tacitus
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Bob Engleman
Star Contributor

Dayton, OH
370 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2017 :  09:28:42 AM  Visit Bob Engleman's Homepage  Reply  Reply with Quote
Today, I received a solicitation for a candy store that truly amazed me. The job required one to purchase up to 20 candy items, take up to 24 pics and then to package the purchases for shipment. The fee was $10, with a reimbursement of $20 to cover the items; zero was paid for the shipping costs. Unless this was an error, a shopper is working for a negative fee. Even if the shipping were covered, that is far too much time and effort for a sawbuck.

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Star Contributor

Norwalk, CA
296 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2017 :  11:32:05 PM  Reply  Reply with Quote
Hi Bob,

I wonder what goes thru these people's mind when they assign shop fees? I doubt they ask themselves if they would do that work for that pay. Maybe they know they have desperate shoppers and start lower and are willing to raise the pay if shops go unfilled.

I really think it would be wise if they thought about it a little more and asked themselves, "Would I do all this crap for that pay?" If the answer is yes, then they could fill the shops with their own schedulers.

There are some low paying shops out there that provide a good benefit and those shops fly off the board because of it (national movie theatre chain). But a shop like you mentioned with the pay you mentioned is laughable. I wouldn't do it for $40 pay. 24 pictures sounds like alot of uploads into a report to me.

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